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SSI's Teesside steelmaking facility: [...].

SSI's Teesside steelmaking facility: * THE facility is made up of the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) plant, where the steel is made by three basic oxygen convertors, and the Continuous Casting plant (Concast), where the liquid steel takes shape and is made into slabs.

* The Concast plant has two twin-strand slab casters capable of producing slabs of up to 2,030mm by 300mm in size.

* SSI also has several secondary steelmaking facilities including argon flushing stations, a ladle furnace, a RH degasser, a tank degasser and a submerged powder injection capability.

SSI's Teesside ironmaking facility: * THE Redcar blast furnace is the second largest in Europe and capable of producing 10,000 tonnes of iron a day.

* It has 36 tuyeres (pipes) which allow air to be blown into the furnace and four tap holes for removing the iron out of the furnace. * The site's power station has three package boilers and two turbine blowers that provide wind to the furnace.

* SSI also operates two sets of coke oven plants, at Redcar and South Bank. The Redcar plant has two batteries (132 ovens) with an annual design capacity of 1.27m tonnes, while the plant at South Bank has two batteries (88 ovens) with an annual design capacity of 610,000 tonnes.

* The Sinter plant has an output of 4m tonnes and converts a mixture of iron ore fines, fluxes, waste materials and fine coke into an agglomerate, which makes up the majority of the blast furnace burden.


ON THE MOVE: Shifting material on the hearth of the furnace REPAIR AND RESTORE: Hard work continues on the cast room floor, left, while preparation and cleaning of the furnace shell is under way, right.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 18, 2011
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