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SRS Labs' WOW audio technology featured in new advanced digital LCD Multimedia Displays from Nakamichi.

SRS WOW Continues to Be Adopted by World's Leading Brand Names to Deliver High Quality Audio Experience

SRS Labs, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRSL), a provider of innovative audio, voice and semiconductor technology solutions, has announced that its SRS WOW audio technology is featured in a new advanced Digital LCD Multimedia Display offered by Nakamichi Corporation. Nakamichi is one of the world's premiere manufacturers of high quality, high performance audio/video and multimedia equipment. WOW delivers audio that explodes beyond the television speakers and fills the room with a panoramic 3D soundstage with enhanced bass from even the smallest speakers, such as those found in thin profile TVs, such as the new VU29.

The VU29 Digital LCD Multimedia Display is the latest in the SoundSpace product line. SRS Labs' WOW technology is a combination of the company's SRS, TruBass and SRS Dialog Clarity technologies in one optimized solution for the ultimate enhancement of mono or stereo television models. WOW compensates for the limitations inherent in the smaller speakers that are usually found in televisions by providing a panoramic audio image that extends the sound in both the vertical and horizontal planes and creates the perception of deep rich bass.

Ted Franceschi, executive vice president and general manager of licensing for SRS Labs said, "We are excited to be united with a prestigious name such as Nakamichi in bringing the most advanced audio technologies to their contemporary displays."

WOW provides television and multimedia display manufacturers with the ability to instantly improve their product's overall sound quality. It delivers an incredible listening experience to any music genre providing the perception of deep, rich bass and an amazing 3D listening experience. WOW has been designed with product manufacturers in mind and includes many customizable settings that can be adjusted and optimized for a particular product application or can be extended to the user interface or product controls to allow the consumer to set their preferences.

Long renowned for the sophistication of its home audio and mobile sound systems, Nakamichi continues to introduce leading edge products that are universally recognized for their design and performance. The company has received numerous awards from the Consumer Electronics Association and various other national publications.

SRS WOW technology is a leading audio enhancement solution for nearly all types of audio products. Over 250 million hardware or software products have been shipped or downloaded that include the powerful WOW audio feature. It provides stunning improvement to the fidelity of sound from any size speaker or headphone, ranging from ultra miniature size to ordinary sizes. By the inclusion of several legendary SRS Labs technologies, WOW significantly enhances audio playback with an immersive sound image and incredible, deep rich bass in any electronic piece of equipment, satisfying even the most discriminating listeners. WOW is an invaluable audio solution for manufacturers of mobile or portable devices that have tiny speakers, in addition to products in which speakers are located close together, such as televisions and desktop PCs. Hardware and software products that feature WOW include mobile phones from Sharp, Microsoft's Windows Media Player series software products, car CD receivers from Kenwood, as well as televisions from Sony and Sharp. WOW is also available in the latest Sony VAIO multimedia PC, and popular new portable digital players from Samsung and eDigital.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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