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SQUARING UP; TV SOAPS Phil, Keanu and Ben team up in a bid to free Louise after Midge takes her hostage.

HE'S named after an action star, and this week Keanu gets a chance to play the hero himself when he sees Louise being bundled into a car by Midge. Phil also gets to do his best impression of Liam Neeson in Taken when he realises Danny must be behind his daughter's kidnapping and he heads to the docks with Keanu and Ben in tow. It's Keanu who finds Louise tied up in a shipping container, but just as he's trying to free her, Midge knocks them both unconscious...

Back on the Square, Sharon Jean EASTENDERS BBC1 is shocked to learn that Ben only returned because of Phil's financial troubles, which convinces her not to call the police. But an even bigger bombshell is about to dropped.

Elsewhere, Ruby agrees to make her relationship with Jay official, even after he confesses to his kiss with Lola, but she struggles with having her love rival around.

Jean is determined to track down Sean, much to Stacey's frustration - but what neither of them know is that he's about to return to Walford.

looks at a HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 STE is still being groomed by the far-right group, who encourage him to turn his 'joke' caption for a photo of Misbah looking miserable at the fete into an internet meme.

Ste is manipulated But while Ste seems oblivious to their agenda, Shahid, the man who was previously attacked by the gang, knows what they are capable of and is shocked to spot Jonny when he delivers a takeaway to the Lomax residence.

NEIGHBOURS Channel 5 NOT so long ago, Finn was regarded as the devil incarnate by Ramsay Street's residents, but this week, as his trial continues, he's viewed rather more sympathetically.

Okay, so Elly's testimony on the final day comes as a surprise and is given under duress, but the Kennedys have nothing to gain by offering Finn a place to stay while he gets back on his feet. He tries to ingratiate himself by offering Karl's homegrown fruit to the locals - but when they find it's been contaminated, he's in the firing line again.

However, Bea and Susan aren't convinced he's guilty, so ask Mark to investigate the matter.

home & away Channel 5 BRODY'S affair with Simone couldn't stay a secret for long - after all this is soapland, where such behaviour never stays hidden.

Brody's affair is revealed But the manner in which their extracurricular activities are exposed (no pun intended) is somewhat shocking - poor Ziggy walks into her van to find the lovers in a compromising position. She's heartbroken and Justin makes it worse by admitting he knew what was going on.

EMMERDALE ITV THE Woolpack is fine for a quiet(ish) pint, but when a group of villagers decide they want a big night out, they head for the bright lights of Hotten.

Sadly, the evening is set to get so messy, no one will be sure exactly what happened - and we're going to have to wait a fortnight for the flashbacks that fill in the gaps.

What we do know is that Maya is among the revellers, although she's not in a particularly happy mood after learning that David is planning to propose to her. During the night out, she asks David not to pop the question, but still goes off in a sulk when she spots him seeking solace with Tracy.

However, Maya is going to be the one with some explaining to do when one of the girls catches her with Jacob.

Rhona also lets her hair down when she becomes a little too determined to prove she's still young at heart despite her menopause, while Billy ends up gatecrashing after Max sends him a threatening photo of Ellis in the club...

CORONATION STREET ITV GARY and Sarah's relationship has had more ups and downs than the Big One roller-coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

They had, however, appeared to be back on track in recent weeks. But then along came loan shark Rick, and it's Gary's efforts to keep his association with the villain a secret from his other half that drives another wedge between them - and this time it appears to be the final straw for Sarah. To make matters worse, Gary is later found battered and bruised after his van and tools have been stolen.

Chesney and Gemma's relationship hits the rocks due to her supposedly drunken behaviour and constant hangovers. She moves out of their home, only to discover her sickness is caused by pregnancy rather than booze.

Kirk displays his musical prowess to ease the tension at Bertie's christening and then ponders entering The X Factor, Seb starts a new business and meets a mysterious woman, while Peter learns that Carla has been spotted.


Keanu spots Louise being bundled into a car

Jean looks at a

Brody's affair is revealed

Ste is manipulated

Maya spots David and Tracy

Seb tells Gary his van's gone
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