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SPYRUS and Terisa Systems Announce Strategic Partnership to Combine Cryptographic Toolkits, Protocols, and Applications; Cryptography, protocol, and application solutions are integrated to bring the security benefits of hardware cryptography to multiple protocols.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 27 1997--SPYRUS and Terisa Systems today announced a strategic partnership to provide integrated hardware and software cryptographic toolkits and protocol products to enable the development of WWW/Internet and Intranet applications.

The companies will integrate their toolkit products to provide hardware cryptographic support for SET, S-HTTP, and SSL protocols. Through this partnership, SPYRUS and Terisa will provide a full complement of standard WWW/Internet protocols, complete hardware cryptographic solutions, and easy to use toolkits to enable developers to easily embed these products into integrated solutions.

"The possibilities created by adding our hardware to Terisa's unique combined security protocol engine makes the SPYRUS/Terisa partnership a natural one," said Sue Pontius, SPYRUS CEO. "The combination of our hardware cryptographic products with Terisa's Web security and transaction protocol products will offer great value to the WWW/Internet and electronic commerce marketplace."

"I expect that 1997 will see a boom in hardware cryptography," said Allan M. Schiffman, chief technical officer at Terisa Systems. "SPYRUS is the established leader in providing token-based hardware cryptographic products. The integration of their products with Terisa's SecureWeb Toolkit(tm) will automatically provide new options to many SET, S-HTTP, and SSL application developers." This partnership includes the integration of each company's current technologies and is expected to result in further development and co- marketing of future products. The companies envision a host of products to enable standard secure Internet and Intranet commerce.

SPYRUS Hardware Cryptographic Technology

SPYRUS offers a full suite of hardware cryptographic devices-the Rosetta(tm) Signature Card, EES LYNKS Privacy Card(tm), HYDRA Privacy Card(tm), and the Multi-Card Accelerator (MCA). The Rosetta Signature Card is a SPYCOS(tm)-enabled smart card targeted to signature applications at the desktop, such as digital content signing and certificate-based remote access. The EES LYNKS Privacy Card, the de facto standard in PC card-based hardware cryptographic modules, is designed to provide a secure cryptographic processing environment and storage for up to 50 X.509 public key certificates for desktop and server applications.

The card implements multiple U.S. Government and commercial key transport, encryption, key wrap, hash, and digital signature algorithms- including RSA technologies-in tamper-resistant hardware. This combination enables an application developer to write secure applications without having to know the complexities of implementing the cryptographic algorithms.

The use of hardware cryptographic modules provides security in key generation, storage and cryptographic processing; mobility for client environments; and multi-application manageability in situations where multiple keys/certificates are stored in the token. The MCA, based on the EES LYNKS Privacy Card, is designed for server/infrastructure products that require high-speed digital signature performance, such as certification authorities and other high volume signature and signature verification applications.

Terisa Systems Toolkits

Terisa Systems has been providing tools for Internet commerce since 1995. The SecureWeb Toolkit(tm) provides robust, ready-to-use and unified communications security for developers building WWW-based applications for commercial transactions. This toolkit for commercial software developers implements the Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Secure HTTP is an interoperable extension of the World Wide Web's existing HyperText Transfer Protocol that provides communication and transaction security for WWW clients and servers. SSL is a transport level security mechanism designed to secure the link of communication between two parties. SecureWeb Payments(tm) implements the Secure Electronics Transactions (SET) protocol in a commercial-grade add-on module for the SecureWeb Toolkit, providing full support for creating Cardholder, Merchant, and Payment Gateway applications. Terisa toolkit products use RSA and other popular encryption algorithms to ensure secure transactions.

SPYRUS Software Development Toolkits

SPYRUS provides a development environment for application developers to integrate software with its hardware cryptographic products. SPEX/(tm) (SPYRUS Extensions) is a host-based API library for card interface that provides the benefit of software compatibility across the product line. The SPEX/ API, available since Q2 1994 and delivered to more than 40 developer licensees, is a mature and proven environment for developer integration. The SPEX/ Developer's Toolkit includes SPEX/, documentation, test tools, technical support, and hardware devices.

Three versions of the toolkit are available. For developers building applications to Microsoft CryptoAPI, SPYRUS also offers a CSP Application Developer's Kit that contains the necessary components for developing CryptoAPI-compliant applications using the EES LYNKS Privacy Card and CSP. The kit includes an EES LYNKS Privacy Card, a PCMCIA reader, CSP and SPEX/ software libraries, device drivers, installation and card initialization utilities, programmer's guide, technical support, and test tools.

About Terisa Systems

Terisa Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 to provide unified communications security solutions for the World Wide Web (WWW). In early 1995 leading industry players such as America Online (AOL), CompuServe, IBM, Netscape, RSA, and VeriFone/EIT, forged a common commitment to WWW security by agreeing to pool both investment and technology in Terisa Systems. Terisa Systems' mission is to create tools and application technologies that make secure Internet commerce possible. The Company's customers are Internet application developers and online services such as American Express, AOL, I/Net, Luckman Interactive, Novell, OpenMarket, and O'Reilly & Associates. Terisa Systems Inc. is a privately held company based in Los Altos, California.


SPYRUS is a leading provider of high-assurance hardware cryptographic products that are Algorithm Agile(tm) and form factor independent. SPYRUS' products provide encryption, digital signature, access control, and metering solutions for Corporate IS, WWW/Internet and Intranet Applications, Electronic Commerce, and Government applications. The Company's core products are built around its SPEX/(tm) library, a host-based API that supports application integration with a suite of hardware cryptographic products. SPYRUS cryptographic products are intended for use with security-sensitive applications; protocols such as SET, SSL, and S/MIME; and Microsoft(r) Authenticode(tm) technology. The Company's products are used with a variety of certificate authority products to provide critical infrastructure support for issuance and management of a deployed hardware token community.

Founded in 1992, SPYRUS is headquartered in San Jose, California and has branch offices in Columbia, Maryland and Waltham, Massachusetts. -0-

Note to Editors: SPYRUS(r) is a registered trademark of SPYRUS. SPEX/(tm), Algorithm Agile(tm), HYDRA Privacy Card(tm), LYNKS Privacy Card(tm), Rosetta(tm) Signature Card, and SPYCOS(tm) are trademarks of SPYRUS.

Terisa Systems is a registered trademark of Terisa Systems Inc. SecureWeb Toolkit(tm) and SecureWeb Payments(tm) are trademarks of Terisa Systems Inc.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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