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SPT and Microbonds Form Technical Alliance on Advanced Bonding Tools & X-Wire(TM) Technology.

SINGAPORE & TORONTO -- Small Precision Tools - SPT, part of The SPT Group (Lyss, Switzerland) and Microbonds Inc. (a private Canadian corporation) today announce a co-development project to align the technology roadmaps of the advanced wire bonding capillaries of SPT with Microbonds' insulated bonding wire technology known as X-Wire(TM) Technology.

The increasingly complex wire bonding processes required to accommodate the ongoing miniaturization and performance capabilities of today's advanced ICs and new material sets often leads to higher yield loss due to wire shorts and narrow process windows. By aligning the industry leading wire bonding capillaries of SPT with X-Wire(TM) Technology, end customers are better positioned to take full advantage of the manufacturing and package design capabilities inherent in the use of insulated bonding wires.

Areas to be targeted by the co-development project include stacked die, area array bonding, fine pitch fine diameter wires, low-K processes, and insulated copper bonding wires.

SPT is the leading supplier of state-of-the-art ultra precision wire bonding tools used in the semiconductor packaging industry. "The trend to increased I/O density and 3-D packaging and assembly capabilities create increasingly complex multi-tier single die (i.e. 3, 4 or more rows) and multi-chip stacked die (e.g. 4+ die with pyramid and overhang stacking) package designs resulting in significant stresses on bare bonding wire processes. We see insulated bonding wire as a strong enabler for these trends and are delighted to work with Microbonds to align our technologies for the benefit of our mutual customers," said Peter Glutz, President & CEO of SPT Group.

John Scott, CEO of Microbonds added, "We are focused on working with technology leaders who can advance and mature our insulated bond wire technology for the full benefit of package designers and assemblers. The SPT suite of capillaries will improve and enhance the insulated wire bonding process windows for X-Wire(TM) Technology and we look forward to a long relationship with SPT."

About SPT

The SPT Group (Small Precision Tools) is a global leading supplier of ultra fine precision tools for the Wire Bonding Industry for over 3 decades through its relentless commitment to technology excellence, product quality, global vision and creative industry partnerships. SPT is also a well known manufacturer of micro miniature Fine Ceramics, produced by its unique CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) Technology. The SPT website address is

About Microbonds

Microbonds, Inc. is the leading developer and licensor of insulated wire bonding technologies for use in the design and assembly of microelectronic devices. The company's X-Wire(TM) Technology has recently received a Technology Innovation Award from SEMI(R). Microbonds web site address is

SPT and Small Precision Tools are trademarks of The SPT Group. Microbonds and X-Wire Technology are trademarks of Microbonds, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

For more information on the X-Wire Technology joint alliance, contact Mary Ong, SPT's Vice-President, International Marketing at, and John Scott, Microbonds' CEO at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 28, 2006
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