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 SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: FON) today introduced the first nationwide Asynchronous Transfer Mode service provided by a long distance company, widening its lead as the data networking solutions provider.
 By using Sprint's ATM service, Local Area Network users can match the high speeds of their local connections from coast to coast. Engineers and researchers can access supercomputer applications from miles away. Any business, anywhere in the United States can gather, process and act on information faster by using the highest quality transmission available for LAN internetworking.
 Sprint's ATM service is available starting today through Sprint's long distance network, accessed from any of its more than 300 network locations across the United States. Sprint's ATM service will immediately provide its customers with a complete, nationwide service.
 "Sprint continues to lead the industry in meeting the emerging demand for high speed LAN communications. Sprint is delivering its ATM service on time and months ahead of industry estimates," said David W. Dorman, president of Sprint's Major Accounts Group.
 "Our ATM service provides our customers with access to high bandwidth for their multimedia applications such as medical imaging, architectural design, and long distance video editing," Dorman added.
 Previously, high-speed bandwidth was only available within the confines of LANs or via dedicated point-to-point leased lines. But now, Sprint has opened up the opportunities for transmitting high-bandwidth applications affordably across a wide area using a public network.
 Customers in geographically dispersed locations will use Sprint's ATM service for applications such as video mail, interactive graphic simulations, collaborative engineering and design, distance learning and video editing. With ATM's high speed, users could send the information from a 400-page book across the country in only one second.
 Sprint offers a variety of features and price plans for its ATM service that maximize user benefits and affordability. Customers can choose from two classes of service to support bursts of traffic such as data and image transfers or continuous steady traffic, such as video and voice communications. The flexibility allows customers to mix and match video, data, voice and image on the same network.
 Building on its tradition of providing end-to-end service for customers, Sprint is working with other leaders in ATM technology. Sprint has selected TRW as the provider of the ATM central office switch within the Sprint network, using its Broadband Access Switch 2010 on which to grow and develop its internal capabilities. TRW has been supporting the development of Sprint's ATM network since November 1992, when it delivered the first ATM switch to Sprint's Advanced Technology Lab in Burlingame, Calif.
 Sprint announced at INTEROP today that it also has business relationships with ATM vendors including Fore Systems, which provides ATM switches for local area networks, and Digital Link, which manufactures data service units. Flexible lease and purchase options will be available.
 Sprint's ATM solutions will also include equipment to be supplied by Alcatel Data Networks, the Alcatel-Sprint joint venture. When available, these products will be offered by Sprint to its customers and, where appropriate, incorporated into the ATM service offering.
 Sprint will continue to work with leading ATM equipment vendors and other carriers to offer the best ATM solutions for customers.
 Sprint has led the rapid development of ATM technology. Among other accomplishments, Sprint:
 -- Announced plans in August 1992 to build a nationwide ATM service
 by 1993/1994, months ahead of initial industry estimates;
 -- Held the industry's first demonstration of multi-site ATM
 capabilities at the Communications Networks exhibition in
 -- Held the industry's first demonstration of coast-to-coast ATM
 capabilities in March at from the INTEROP exhibition in
 Washington to a site in California;
 -- Was the first major carrier to install and activate an ATM switch
 on its public network in April;
 -- Participated in a dramatic demonstration of the potential
 benefits of ATM in June, linking medical specialists at two
 hospitals in Virginia with medics in the field to aid soldiers
 "injured" at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Ga., as part of the Defense
 Department's "Global Grid" project.
 "Today's launch of Sprint's ATM service further strengthens our position as an industry leader," Dorman said. "The flexibility we have designed in our complete, end-to-end service, our vendor relationships, and the Alcatel Data Networks joint venture are all contributing factors that position Sprint far ahead of our competitors."
 Sprint is a diversified international telecommunications company with more than $10 billion in annual revenues and the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network. Its divisions provide global long distance voice, data and video products and services, local telephone services to nearly 6 million subscriber lines in 19 states, and cellular operations that serve 42 metropolitan markets and more than 50 rural service areas.
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