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 KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint today announced an innovative program in conjunction with public broadcasting station KAET-TV in Phoenix to enable KAET viewers to save money on their long distance bills while providing much-needed support for the station. It is believed to be the first such donation program with PBS in the nation.
 New Sprint customers who enroll in the KAET/Sprint Donation Program will have 5 percent of their monthly long distance usage donated to the station. Current Sprint customers will have 1 percent of their monthly usage donated if they enroll in the program.
 "The KAET/Sprint Donation Program will help KAET continue to bring quality television to thousands of viewers," said Kelly McCullough, KAET's manager of viewer marketing. "Best of all, it costs KAET little to market the program, and nothing for viewers to donate a portion of their Sprint long distance usage to KAET -- and the benefits will help KAET offset shortfalls in other funding sources."
 A Sprint/KAET FONCARD will be offered to all those who enroll in the program. Customers can use the FONCARD when they're away from home to enjoy Sprint's nationwide 100 percent digital, fiber-optic network while continuing to assist KAET with a portion of the usage from each call. The KAET logo and Sprint logo are imprinted on the card.
 With the KAET/Sprint Donation Program, KAET members will be enrolled in Sprint PLUS, which provides discounts of 20 percent off AT&T's basic rates on direct-dial state-to-state calls during evening, night and weekend rate periods when they spend as little as $20 a month. On the Sprint PLUS plan, customers can save up to 30 percent, depending on their calling volume.
 Customers enrolled in the donation program are also eligible for CALLERS' PLUS, the company's frequent caller program where callers can earn free long distance, travel and merchandise.
 "Educational, enjoyable and memorable are all words associated with the high-quality programming that KAET presents to its audience," said Dave Schmieg, president of Sprint's Consumer Services Group. "Sprint is glad to be helping Arizona viewers donate money to their station while also increasing the number of customers who can enjoy the benefits of our services."
 KAET members can enroll by calling toll-free 800-877-7283, or by completing and returning enrollment forms distributed by KAET and Sprint.
 Sprint will pay the local exchange company's switch fee up to $5 a line to a maximum of 10 lines per customer for new customers to switch to Sprint. If customers aren't satisfied with the quality of Sprint's service, the company will switch them back after 90 days at no charge (certain restrictions may apply).
 Sprint is a diversified international telecommunications company with $8.8 billion in annual revenues and the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network. Its divisions provide global long distance voice, data and video products and services, and local telephone services to more than 4 million subscriber lines in 17 states.
 -0- 4/9/92
 /NOTE: FONCARD and Sprint PLUS are service marks; CALLERS' PLUS is a registered trademark./
 /CONTACT: Steve Dykes, 202-828-7435 or, after hours, 703-242-1769, or Angela Peacock, 202-828-7415 or, after hours, 301-564-4984, both of Sprint/
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Date:Apr 9, 1992

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