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 KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: FON) announced today it will begin to provide service to the Pacific Rim via the Asia Pacific Cable system, a submarine fiber-optic cable linking Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.
 The APC System is expected to be the backbone of the telecommunications infrastructure in the burgeoning Pacific Rim region. It will interconnect numerous existing and planned cable systems in that region with the rest of the world.
 Sprint was one of the nine initial parties that spearheaded the planning and configuration of the APC System in 1991. Since that time, the number of telecommunications carriers participating in the system has grown to 43. The cable was constructed by Fujitsu at a cost of $310 million. Sprint's two percent investment in the cable is three times greater per subscriber than that of AT&T, based on the companies' respective U.S. market shares.
 The APC System is the longest cable in the region, extending 7500 kilometers, with four branching units. Segments have either two or three fiber pairs, each able to carry traffic at 560 megabits per second. This transmission rate means that more that 30,000 telephone calls can be carried simultaneously on each fiber pair.
 "Sprint is extending its nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network around the globe by participating in cable systems such as the APC so that our customers worldwide may enjoy the quality and capacity afforded by this advanced network technology," said Dominique Jacquet, vice president and general manager of operations for Sprint International, Sprint's global private networks and international telecommunications subsidiary.
 Sprint plans to participate in a number of planned fiber-optic cable systems in the region that will eventually interconnect with the APC, including the TPC-5 network, a $1.4 billion "self-healing" ring system which will connect the United States, Hawaii, Guam and Japan by 1996, and the Asia Pacific Cable Network, which will connect as many as nine countries in the region in the 1996-1997 time frame.
 Sprint is a diversified international telecommunications company with more than $10 billion in annual revenues and the United States' only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network. Its divisions provide global long distance voice, data and video products and services, local telephone services to nearly 6 million subscriber lines in 19 states, and cellular operations that serve 42 metropolitan markets and more than 50 rural service areas.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993

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