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 New Web Site From America's #1 Selling Alertness Aid

Helps College Students Determine the Most Absolutely Fabulous

Location for Their Week of Sun, Fun and Gratuitous Displays of Skin

PITTSBURGH, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- What's the top priority for our best and brightest minds on campus today? The Republican primaries? World peace? Midterms? Will their team make the "Sweet 16" in the NCAA basketball tournament?

None of the above. They're all digging through their closets trying to find that bottle of suntan lotion with the negative-SPF rating, stocking up on rubber bands and paper clips for emergency roadside repairs, and booking reservations at "Casa De Lunatico" in some once- sleepy beach community as they prepare for the 1996 edition of everybody's favorite lemming exodus, "Spring Break."

The folks at Vivarin(R), America's #1 selling alertness aid, are deeply concerned about this seemingly innocuous diversion of the precious mental resources of our nation's youth. Not that they disapprove of spring break, mind you. In fact, they were all set to conduct extensive on-site research at a variety of scientific observation points along the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts until their managers reviewed the budget and re-engineered the plan with a shredder.

However, Vivarin is troubled by the inability of college students to select novel, interesting and challenging spring break destinations, and concerned about their safety while getting there and back. What's so great about Daytona Beach, Cancun and Galveston, Texas? OK, besides the fun, the sun, the all-night parties, and the total disregard for community standards?

To counteract this deplorable lack of imagination, Vivarin proudly launches a new site on the World Wide Web, "The Vivarin (Spring) Break- Ability Index" ( This Java-enhanced application asks students to answer a few simple multiple-choice questions such as: "Where do you plan to sleep? A cheesy motel/the car/sleep?" The students' responses are then fed into the Vivarin supercomputer (enhanced for Netscape 2.0), which spits out a more suitable destination for the intrepid traveler in search of spring break utopia, or the best alternative for less than $20 a night.

The site also includes links to some less-traveled locales such as Lake Tahoe and Baja, California, as well as Vivarin product information, tips to prevent drowsy driving, and a free sample offer disguised as a stem lecture about not falling asleep at the wheel while driving all night.

"Half the victims of fatigue-related crashes are under the age of 25," says Michele Klingensmith, Vivarin business manager. "So even if your soul is restless, it's important that you get enough rest while on spring break. And if you find yourself a little less alert than you want to be, why not try Vivarin? One tablet or caplet delivers the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee, and you won't drive everyone in the car berserk with frequent pit stops."

"The Vivarin There's No Place Like Home Pages Contest" Gallery

Before you get your motor running and head out on the highway, be sure to check out the winners of "The Vivarin There's No Place Like Home Pages Contest" ( Last fall, we asked college students to send us the URLs to their personal web sites, and more than 660 responded. After weeks of careful consideration, we announced a winner on February 27, 1996, as well as five semifinalists and 94 runner-up sites. Then we set up a special gallery with hotlinks to the Top 100 so everyone can play along at home.

Vivarin is a product of Three Rivers Group, a division of SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare. SmithKline Beecham -- one of the world's leading healthcare companies -- discovers, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, non-prescription medicine, health- related consumer products and clinical laboratory testing services.
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