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Axemen deserve better

Both the South Eugene and Marist boys placed 1, 2 and 3 in the 800 meters on the same day for their league meets. Please compare the first-place time in the Sky-Em League and the last-place time in the Southwest Conference. Not that I think Marist could or should compete against South Eugene, but I do think both schools deserve equal coverage in their local newspaper.

Parents and coaches from South Eugene are absolutely sick and tired of your lack of coverage of the Southwest Conference. Would it really destroy The Register-Guard's budget to send someone down south to cover a sporting event once in awhile? OK, if you can't do that, how about at least covering a district meet or playoff game, for heaven's sake?

As editor of the sports page, you should be ashamed by your blatant bias toward covering Marist high school sports and not covering other schools, especially South Eugene.

Did you even know that the South Eugene girls won their district track meet by 45 points? Did you know that Shay Applegate and Lauren Opsal qualified for state in three events, and that Rachel Bunting ran in and qualified in all four of her events - I will let you figure what events they qualified in with your special investigative reporting techniques.

How many girls from Marist qualified in more than three events for state? (Hint: Ask your wife.)

And please, by all means, take this personally. Every knowledgeable reader knows your wife is a coach at Marist, and from all accounts, I have heard she is an absolutely wonderful person. Perhaps you should take some notes and follow suit.

Colleen Bunting


Arms race hurts all

It's been said that President Ronald Reagan escalated the arms race that helped bankrupt the USSR and win the Cold War.

In the college football arms race, (on May 13) Arizona State showed its first signs of weakening, dropping three men's varsity sports: swimming, tennis and wrestling. Cutting those sports will help streamline ASU's athletic department so they can put more money into facilities improvements for football and basketball to keep up with schools like Oregon.

Such facilities are designed to lure blue-chip recruits from far and wide, whose primary interests are showcasing their athletic talents on a national stage on their express route to the pros. For many, school is an afterthought.

All this spurs donors and fans to dig deeper into their wallets to underwrite growing athletic department budgets - that also support all of the non-revenue sports - the ones celebrated in the NCAA's own ads: often, Olympic sports, like those ASU cut.

Oregon also cut wrestling - not for lack of money, but for a lack of commitment to the educational mission of the university and to the student-athletes of our state. Do guys like (UO athletic director) Pat Kilkenny even understand the true value of college sports beyond their ledgers?

Meanwhile, the college football arms race continues unabated toward certain and profound bankruptcy.

Hank Hosfield


Editor's note: On Friday, Arizona State announced it was reinstating wrestling effective immediately.

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Date:May 25, 2008
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