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Vanishing Vikings

I am "impressed." North Bend gets a front page photo and a lengthy story about their 4A boys cross country team getting its second championship in a row, a great job. At the same time, the Siuslaw girls get their fourth in a row and get about four lines at the end of the article! Can you even buy the R-G in North Bend?! But don't feel bad, the announcer at the awards did a similar thing, never mentioning the SHS girls' four-peat!

Jim Archer


A modest proposal

The BCS is a joke. I have the perfect system. There are 120 Division I-A schools in the BCS ranks. I say put them in eight conferences with 16 teams in each conference and have an eight-team playoff. The winners of each conference would make the playoffs, and each conference would have a championship game. The teams should play only 11 games each season, because if they played more, then the two teams left would've played more than 15 games. Losers in the playoffs would fill in three of the major bowl games with the fourth one being the national title game. Teams that don't make the playoffs would fill in all of the other bowls. There wouldn't be a seeding system to the playoffs. This system gives the little schools a chance and decides the championship on the field, not in the polls or computers. I know this would ruin some traditions, but traditions were ruined by the BCS and corporations.

Robert Torres


Swamped by the Swoosh

Observing the Sunday, Nov. 4 sports page photo of a Duck outrunning an Arizona State tackler, (nice photo by the way!) one cannot help but notice the ubiquitous Nike swoosh glued, screened, embroidered and painted from head to toe, or rather helmet to cleat, including on the football. Can't help but wonder, where's the tattoo?

Michael Thessen


Good times in Duckville

As Rich Brooks was quoted as saying, when he became Oregon's head football coach, "it wasn't major college football. It was small-time football, on a big stage, but it was small-time compared to what you were competing against." Now our football program is a national power, our basketball program is close and, in time, our baseball program will be, too. Relatively soon we will have a new basketball arena and a new baseball stadium. Much of this is due to the efforts of Phil Knight and many less-publicized donors, including season-ticket holders who contribute to the Duck Athletic Fund. Often times, minority dissenting opinions are expressed in the Sports Mail section. Most Duck fans feel that being a Duck has never been better, and the best is yet to come.

Pete Whitty

Coos Bay

Skinny: Ducks are better

I'm a 40-year Oregon resident and Duck fan who just happens to be spending this week in New Orleans at a conference, just an hour down the road from the LSU campus. So, what do I find in Monday's Times-Picayune? The "T-P Top 25" ranking of college football as they see it. And who do they rank second? OREGON! LSU is third. And what do they say is "the skinny" on Oregon? "Ducks more deserving than LSU to be in title game" (which, don't forget, is played in New Orleans this season)! Please forward this to all of the national poll voters!

Paul Thompson


Accentuate the positive

Noise! It isn't the amount. It's when.

When the Ducks come out of the tunnel, the rush everyone gets is an amazing phenomenon. Players, coaches and fans are uplifted by the roar of the crowd. It's a very massive upwelling of positive spirits.

By contrast, the negative noise and booing that occurs when the visiting team is trying to run a play? It's ugly. Check out the faces of the people doing that. Not a pretty sight. Compare it to the look when the Ducks make a great defensive play, a score or a field goal.

And besides, it's cheating. Anytime a visiting team can't hear its signals, that's interference with the field of play. And when some of the Duck players are waving their arms for more noise, that tells me they can't win on their own talents. It's like their insecure, scared.

I get a mild rush just recalling the Ducks coming out of the tunnel, our mascot on the Harley. It's just plain grand! Why not accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative?

Bob Pickard


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