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Mac Court should stay

As a UO alum ('97), I am stupefied by comments from university leadership that McArthur Court is a `drain' that should be demolished and replaced by a new arena.

The Sporting News called Mac Court `the best gym in America.' Visiting teams hate playing at The Pit, which hosts a men's basketball team that twice in the past five years has won the Pac-10 title and advanced deep into the NCAA Tournament.

Duck players cited Mac Court's unique chemistry as a key factor in their exciting come-from-behind victory against Cal last season.

There is no need to replace Mac Court. It is a modern facility reflecting more than $5 million in renovations in the past decade, including a new roof and maple floor that minimizes player injury, making it "a viable venue well into the 21st century,' according to the university's Web site.

Phil Knight's $100 million can maintain The Pit forever.



China an emerging market

George Beres and many at the University of Oregon and the state are missing the boat when it comes to the athletic programs at Oregon.

A fine example is the announced trip to China by the football team. The 2008 Olympics will expose China to Oregon, as South Salem High School's music program, various athletes and representatives from our state will be there. China is a new, emerging market for Oregon products, Oregon ports and tourist travel.

Take time to read the July 2007 issue of "Oregon Business" and understand that Oregon has a role in the 21st century.

It's time for the leading state university staff to open their eyes to the changes in the world and modernize the school's thinking to not only meet today's world demands, but position their departments to help cut costs and make education available to more students.

Take advantage of the doors and opportunities opened by our athletic department rather than complain about it. After all, Mr. Beres, the football team will be marketing the University of Oregon, the city of Eugene and the state of Oregon. With the various studies and opportunities available at the University of Oregon and our own Asian Studies programs, it is a natural fit and a great first step.

Job well done, Mr. Kilkenny!



UO could bowl a strike

Any news yet on the high-level search for someone to coach competitive cheer? Why not change course and opt for bowling, reportedly the fastest growing high school sport in America? At the collegiate level, 28 Division I schools already have teams, the NCAA compiles in-season rankings, and there's a tournament at season's end to determine a national champion.

Oregon could try again to heist a coach from Vanderbilt, the 2007 NCAA champion. Scholarship bowlers could dream of one day turning pro. Nike could further enrich itself by producing a killer line of snazzy retro bowling shirts and shoes. The team might even open its season against someone like two-time national champion Nebraska in China, where bowling already has a foothold.

And finally, team boosters and potential athletic department donors could watch matches in the full comfort of a bowling alley without any interruption of their drinking.



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