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Ugly Americans

The World Cup isn't just about winning and competition, it's about people and culture. ESPN on Monday morning threw that all out of the window before the Czech Republic vs. USA game.

It was tremendous to watch the U.S. players and their supporters participate in their national anthem, to see the joy and the pure fun that the World Cup embodies. Then it was time for the Czech Republic's anthem, and what did ESPN do? They cut to a commercial, missing the entire national anthem.

I can't imagine what any Czech viewers, living and working in the States, would make of this. Once again the TV networks have not only insulted U.S. opponents in sports (see Olympics, tennis, etc.), they also insult their American viewing public by assuming, wrongly in my view, that they haven't got the smarts to appreciate anyone else who isn't from their own backyard.

In sports, at least, this is one reason we are perceived as arrogant, ugly Americans all over the world.




Costly fishing experience

In response to the article appearing in The Register-Guard on June 13, is it really a surprise to anyone that fewer Oregonians are buying fishing licenses? Almost $30 for the right to fish and then when you get to your favorite fishing hole, plan on spending another $5 to park your car. (Never mind the fact that you have already paid for these services with your taxes and lottery dollars.) And let's not forget the fact that it now costs $40 or more to fill a tank.

It amazes me that the state hasn't figured it out yet. I expect their response will be to raise the rates yet again to make up for revenue lost.



Football nonsense

Football and academia: sense or nonsense? Seems the latter when one reads that a grid prospect from California, Derrick Jones, who once signed with Southern California now is eligible to play at Oregon without "sitting out" the prescribed transfer year.

Even though Jones practiced two weeks with the Trojans in 2004, he was dropped by USC when the NCAA found he was not academically qualified for sports competition. He appears eligible for immediate play for the Ducks because he never attended a class at USC.

Adding to the nonsense is the fact that some incoming freshmen play three pre-fall football games for the UO before classes ever begin. Hmmm. Maybe playing in a varsity game before sitting in a classroom somehow qualifies at Oregon as academic standing?



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