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Westhead needs to go

A comment from one who has been attending University of Oregon women's basketball games since the days of Elwin Heiny (that's about 30 years): the players matter, the coaches' ability to coach and care about them matters, the win-loss record doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter what the win-loss record is this year, it is past time for coach Paul Westhead to go. He isn't interested in his players, only his "system". He has called his players "a joke" and said they could win if they only "ran faster." And in the same breath he admitted his system has only worked on a couple of occasions, and that's when he had older stronger players, not 18-year-olds in which his "system" has methodically blown out their knees. His is a world of the "I" word, not the players, the team, the university or Eugene.

When a former female U.S. Olympic coach had interest in the job, the then interim athletic director ignored it. Why allow male coaches for women's teams when there are no women coaches for men's teams? The Tucker Center report on women's coaches recently gave Oregon a grade of "D" ... not what we want to think of when we think of Oregon.

All the way around, the joy for Duck basketball is gone for me and so many others. And it is not the win-loss record or the players - it is the coach and his attitude. He may be a nice man, but it is time for his time at Oregon to be over.



A refreshing change

I'm very impressed with your new sports columnist, Austin Meek.

In the short time he's been here, he's gone deep into the history of sports events in our community, from his excellent columns on the 1963 Sun Bowl to the tragic death of Jed Kesey. He's also reported on current controversies, such as the lopsided blowouts in girls high school basketball.

It's not easy to get your feet on the ground as a reporter in a new community, but it already feels as though he's been here for quite awhile. He's a refreshing change from George Schroeder, who always seemed to keep us at arm's length. Keep up the good work, Austin.


Pleasant Hill


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