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FOOTBALL Tonight's fixtures (7.45pm unless stated) Friendly Match: Bath City v Bristol City (7pm), Gateshead v Newcastle (8pm), Celtic v Real Sociedad.

GREYHOUNDS SUNDERLAND 7.25 (450m): Deancroft Rosie (13), Nan The Goat (M) (13), Druids Gloria (9), How Far Dave (M) (9), Olympic Talks (8), Polinia (Scr).

7.39 (450m): Wiltshire Joe (12), Elwick Rank (W) (11), Banana Sky (9), The Kid (5), Crossfield King (M) (5), Farloe Capri (M) (Scr).

7.54 (450m): Aero Voyage, Ring A Dingaling, Canvas Taylor, Daring Thunder (M), Shaun's Ace (M), Deancroft Teddy (W).

8.10 (450m): Bernish Brae, Farloe Dana, Crabapple Cove, Quann's Gull (M), Tornaroy Tiptop (M), Holycross Sofast (W).

8.26 (450m): Lady Midas, Tenerife Reina, Apollo Blue (M), She's Surreal (M), Golf Buddy (M), Freddiefasttrack (W).

8.42 (450m): Chaotic Jasmin, Atronar, Early Flame (M), Metron Blue (M), Autumn Diamond (M), Big Hit Man (W).

8.58 (450m): Drumcrow Tilly, Phat Tomahawk, Glenbrien Crazy, Tenerife Siam (M), Droopy's Dexter (W), Lancaster Bomber (W). 9.15 (450m): Rainham Blossom, Aintgotachance, Autumn Whatulike, Limehill Slippy (M), Sunoak Supreme (M), Homestead Sally (M). 9.32 (450m): Bingly Bongly, Cluainair Alesha, Delphin Molly (M), Charity Bet (M), Close House Blue (M), Autumn Facebook (M).

9.48 (450m): Pinpoint Buster, Tullig Lightning, Farloe Mustang (M), Eden Brae (M), Deancroft Rumble (M), Ballymac Gerald (W).

10.03 (450m): Kevinsfort Vera, Mill Slice, Suncroft Rosie, Malbay Duchess (M), Powerstown Ivory (M), Aislings Blondy (M).

10.18 (450m): Robbie's Return, Utopia Veyron, Oakfront Mist, Witton Messi (M), Mill Batista (M), Deancroft Jack (W).

10.35 (450m): Istheinkdry, Young Pumba, Pine Branch, Darby O Gill (M), Road To Havana (M), Magical Jake (W). Reserves: Allowdale Kylie (M), Baidir, Bisco Kid, Drumsna Park, Freddie's Crown (W), Leamaneigh Lucy (M), Loughside Boss, Nyla Queen (M), Soon For You.

PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Escaping Doubt, Rathowen Lady, Worthy Act, Auto Petal (M), Tipp On Air (W), Branton Olive (W).

7.50 (435m): Derryhogan Abbie (13), Boherash Mo (12), Czechmate (M) (3), Tyrap Ciara (M) (2), Fagan's Verona (Scr).

8.10 (435m): Glengiblin Beam, Bramble Diva, Rustic Mozwood, Short Price, Husky Rio (M), Rye's Shay (W).

8.30 (435m): Glengiblin McCoy, Barntick Diva, Ella's Figarie, Glengiblin Cecil (M), Global Fire (W), Fog Onthe Tyne (W).

8.50 (435m): Glengiblin Lea, Ratify Lad (M), Highview Direct (M), Early Tonic (M), Glengiblinlizzie (M), Moneyonyourmind (W).

9.10 (435m): Rambling Rose, Balotelli's Girl, Bonnan Beag (M), Vats Only (M), Buzzin Jim (W), Jetset Razl (W).

9.30 (435m): Highview Level, Dipton Maggie, Girl Zar Loud (M), Liffeyside Bolt (M), Lookingfor Glory (W), Live In Hope (W).

9.50 (435m): Glengiblin Vat, Bit View Destiny, Glengiblin Brae, Who Needs Lollie (M), Slaneyside Jay (M), Mill Alexis (W).

GRETNA 7.30 (280m): Rosehip (4), Uncle Tom (3), Just Got In (3), Ballydoyle (2), Millbank (1), Tubby's Dog (Scr).

7.40 (280m): Mo's Rusty (2), Samba (2), Azure Queen (2), Parklane (1), Overtown (1), Sean's Ace (Scr).

7.50 (280m): Zig Zag (1), Black Ball (1), Eryn's Dream (1), Rose Mary (1), Wiggy's Sky (Scr), Macca Black (Scr).

8.00 (280m): Horny Babe (4), Jag (2), Portobello (2), Danny Boy (1), Brian Lee (1), Jackal (Scr). 8.10 (280m): Claire's Pet (3), Ross (2), Snap Chat (2), Denbie (1), Wiggy's Black (1), Whack (Scr). 8.20 (280m): Jazz (4), Wigglet (4), Frenshy (3), Flaming Jill (2), Fanta (1), Rapture (Scr).

8.30 (280m): Luther (2), Flaming Rosie (1), Perry (1), Jetski (Scr), Notch (Scr), Bond (Scr). 8.40 (280m): Mo's Nemo (2), Kaylas Dream (2), Moth (1), Smartie (1), Oil (Scr), Smack (Scr).

8.50 (470m): She's Electric (6), Tiger Toes (3), Macca Mini (1), Sam's Girl (1), Minion (1), Swindle (Scr).

WHEATLEY HILL 7.15 (260m): Little Askew (Scr), Moonshine (Scr), The Other Annie (1), West View Lad (3), All Jazzed Up (3), Black Pudding (3).

7.25 (260m): That's My Boy (Scr), Brierville Sam (1), Sleepawhile (1), JR (2), West View Boy (3), Risky Choice (4).

7.40 (260m): Jenny's Boy (Scr), She Said (1), Mary Helen (1), The Stag (3), Ruby's Choice (3), Devil's Blood (3).

7.50 (260m): Studge (Scr), Village Tiny (Scr), Just In (2), Lamper (2), Darcy's Dancer (2), Star Rage (2). 8.00 (440m Level): Sparticus, Buddy, Good Fellow, Lilly's Boy, 2 req (draw for traps).

8.15 (440m Final): Jill, Late Snack, Caveman, Mac, Bolt, Jack, Res - Dan, (draw for traps). 8.30 (260m Level): Brierville Rocky, Keltic Sunrise, Blue Gamble, Not Tonight, Rough And Tumble, Spitshine, (draw for traps).

8.45 (260m Level): Tiger Tiger, Blue Word, Powder Keg, Big Bluey, Nee Wallet, 1 req (draw for traps).

9.00 (260m Level): Grumpy Old Jenny, Dirty Old Man, Lisa's Lacey, Seaview Freddy, Soulful, Ella's Poppy.

9.15 (440m): Larra's Lad (Scr), Ellie's Princess (Scr), Contact Three (2), Millie (5), The Other Joe (7), Buttons (9).

9.30 (440m): Budgie Smuggler (Scr), Village Lad (Scr), Brooke's Lass (Scr), Lighting Bolt (2), Blue Blood (5), Brindle Bullet (8).

9.45 (440m): Dream Team (Scr), Carbon (1), Grease Monkey (2), Arabella (4), Ellie (5), Jodie's Lass (8).
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 10, 2015
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