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FOOTBALL TONIGHT'S FIXTURES 7.45pm unless stated CHAMPIONSHIP: Blackburn Rovers v Middlesbrough.

BLUE SQUARE BET PREMIER: Grimsby Town v Luton Town.

GREYHOUNDS PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Tsunami Mactop, Hard Nut, Rosmon Hillbilly (M), Hollygate Sonic (M), Hilltop Flyer (W).

7.50 (435m):Meadowcote Lark, Good Taggy, Dotland Vinnie, Branton Olive (W), Satellite Prince (W).

8.10 (435m): Society Jill, Hollygate Cilla, Not Just Black, Chamberlain Dave (M), Rocket Rebel (W).

8.30 (435m): Absolutely Boy, Freya Eryn, East Chev Sky, Texas Rascal, Blue Beauty (M).

8.50 (435m): Sand Cloud, Pelaw Toria, Highclere Storm, Clodiagh Black, Hollygate Flo (M).

9.10 (435m): Dromlusk Ava, Meadowcote Hawk, Run For Chloe, Big Fearghal (M), Blue Stocking (W).

9.30 (435m): Coverdale Becki, Pelaw Scoop, Branxtonhill Boy (M), Malbay Leah (W), Smallbutspirited (W).

9.50 (435m): Crooks Mercedes, You Know Me, Aranock Rock (M), Navajo Jack (M), Bellpac Banta (M).

SUNDERLAND 7.25 (450m H/c): Kilkenny Suzi (15), Fionntra Sueann (9), Maxi Dazzler (M) (8), Mill Slice (M) (6), Gaytime Roxy (5), Caesars Empire (scr). 7.39 (450m H/c): Beachland Vieri (13), Anns Turbo (M) (8), Warrior Khan (M) (5), Give Them Timber (M) (3), Leamaneigh Olive (2), Anfi Sphere (scr).

7.54 (450m): Contact Rumbe, Captain Sparrow, Bond By A Hawk, Ballymac Breezer (M), Bacardi Meg (M), Craan Rosie (M).

8.10 (450m): Deancroft Ace, Curryhills Aneen, Loughside Stella (M), Finmars Dream (M), Tullymurry Emily (M), Sprite Emerald (M).

8.26 (450m): Movealong Lola, Claymore Crash, Challoch Saphire, Meggie Mixer (M), Gainstown Caz (M), Ballyhill Midas (M).

8.42 (450m): Scritti Politti, Ardera White, Delilah Cupid, Stacey (M), North Lewis (M), Debs Aglish (M).

8.58 (450m): Harsh Lady, Canyon Creek, Dicty Blue Bob, Ballymac Dora (M), Express Episode (M), Tullymurry Radar (M).

9.15 (450m): Catunda Valerie, Honey Max, Aegean Cruiser, Deancroft Teddy (M), Fabulous Sioux (M), Head Iton Daniel (W).

9.32 (450m): Macys Mojo, Anacartan Lark, Alphonso (M), Deneview Mac (M), Detox Eddie (M), Citizen Mushy (W).

9.48 (450m): Because, Gortkelly Jolly,North Uist, Curryhills Dropy (M), Keelans Buddy (M), Deancroft Jack (M).

10.03 (450m): Elwick Paymaster, Big Tune, Jutai, Bit Different (M), Witton Bassey (M), Tsarina Lena (W).

10.18 (450m): Same Ol Isabel, Cals Runner, Mill Coe, Amore Baci (M), Le Thrasher (W), Black Jedamac (W).

10.35 (450m): Hades Express, Hellroad Star, Pantone Junior, Derrane Lewis (M), Hather Ted (M), Diddley Diddley (M).

WHEATLEY HILL 7.30 (260m): Love Me Tender (scr), Radar (1), Little Starlet (1), Miss Ellie (2), Rashion Book (2), Brierville Dusty (3).

7.45 (260m): Burnt Toes (scr), Tarquin (scr), Big Fella (1), Falcon (2), Caravan Ann (2), Black Neck (4).

8.00 (260m): Ella's Blue (scr), Beyond Belief (3), Harry's Girl (3), Ellie's Brindle (4), Ryan's Brindle (6), Ron's Babe (6).

8.15 (260m): Chocolate (scr), Ginger Brandy (1), Brierville Stig (2), Sparky Wilson (2), Wor Titch (3), Caravan Nicole (4).

8.30 (260m): Frantic (scr), Rock On Tommy (1), Porter (2), Seaview Missy (4), Grandad Jim (4), John's Girl (5).

8.45 (260m): Dipsy (scr), Wait And See (scr), Rock Of Ages (1), Golden Wonder (1), Tornado (1), Wor Brian (1).

9.00 (260m): Pick Pocket (scr), Fearnley's Girl (1), Waste Of Time (2), John Jo (3), Caravan Chance (4), Big Ben (4).

9.15 (440m): Ronnie's Pal (scr), Golden Shot (1), Archie's Pele (1), Brierville Anna (3), Sam's Lad (3), Blue Sirrocco (8).

9.30 (440m): Golden Gollywog (scr), Morning Glory (1), Whirlwind Wilson (2), Blue Dream (3), Oscar Baby (6), Blue Maria (7).Friday 21 September GRETNA 7.30 (280m): Huntlaw Kay (4), Hyper Annie (3), Sapphire Dream (2), Mo''s Den (2), Analogue (1), Downtown (scr).

7.40 (280m): Ian''s Pride (5), Old Timer (3), Slip (2), Better Times (2), Becca''s Dog (2), Black Jack (scr).

7.50 (280m): (all scr) Shy Bess, Gee Whiz, Lacey''s Boy, Valdez, Horny Babe, Ashtray. 8.00 (280m): Ian''s Charm (4), Doire (3), Fur Soles (2), Seve Trophy (1), Copper Shoe (1), Golden Girl (scr).

8.10 (280m): Queen High (3), Cougar (2), Thailand (1), The Neuk (1), Bazooka (1), Royal Blue (scr).

8.20 (280m): Wiggy''s Tess (3), China Doll (3), Sugababe (2), Jane (1), Airwave (1), Pockets Pick (scr).

8.30 (280m): Man In Black (2), Tom''s Boy (1), Rum & Pep (1), Ashcart (1), Willie Anker (scr), Ardross (scr).

8.40 (280m): Ashbin (2), Frisco (2), Barr Blue (2), First Flight (1), Danny Dee (scr), Silver Side (scr). 8.50 (280m): (all scr) Fox Trot, Dylan''s Mama, Mud Cabin, Trust Sligo, Flyman, Hawk.

9.00 (470m derby heat 1): (all scr DFT) DFT Elvis, Curly, Wee Craig, Music Man, Hotel, Bullet. 9.10 (470m heat 2): (all scr DFT) Green Grass, Larry, Ronnie, Tassy, Rocky, Scooby Doo. 9.20 (470m heat 3): (all scr DFT) Metal Plate, Mo, Reggie, Caesar, Sep, Why.

9.40 (470m): Dream Alone (6), White Flash (5), Staple Gun (3), Above Board (1), Kaz (1), Majestic Blue (scr).
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2012
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