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FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL MATCHES: Azerbaijan v Andorra (7.45pm), Holland v Slovakia (7pm), Spain v South Korea (7pm), Sweden v Iceland (7.15pm), Switzerland v Romania (7.15pm) UEFA EUROPEAN UNDER-19 CHAMPIONSHIP ELITE ROUND GROUP TWO (7.30pm): Montenegro v Slovenia, Switzerland v England Last night's results MANN BROADBENT NFA CUBS CUP FINAL: North Shields Jnrs 1 Newcastle City Jnrs (Milan) 6 GREYHOUNDS NEWCASTLE (BAGS) 11.11 (480m): Fabulous Sonique, Buddy's Bound, Moaning May, Crashdummy, Debidee Athena, Timmy Minty (W).

11.28 (480m):Knockdine Razl, Cashen Camchadka, Sheriff's Hawk, Rhincrew Hannah, Blackboy William, Mustang Caoimhe (W).

11.42 (480m): Corrin Brave, Corrin Michelle, Rusty's Bar, Sugarland Rumble, Myella Duke (W), Graigue Dubh (W). 11.57 (480m): Angela's Kiss, Bohard Lad, Bush Hill June, Grier's Dream, Adamant Maldini (W), Sunoak Rhea (W). 12.12 (480m): Southwest Senor, Springwell Bolt, Target Rio, Target Lucia, Graigue Supreme, Droopy's Mahers (W).

12.27 (480m): Steel Drum, Dunkerrin Gallop, Lil Gypsy, Viewmount Rebel, Applejack Lad, Mill Chip.

12.42 (480m): Tursdale Flashie, Blackhouse India, Elwick Ragtag, Target Diaz, Winetavern James, Bunkered (W).

12.58 (480m): Lil Moyo, Pantone Junior, Stripes, Slippy Flamingo, Branton Flyer (W), Witton Marina (W).

1.12 (480m): Wor Hacka, Leaders Princess, Best Action, All Apologies, Denwill Princess, Fagan's Guest (W). 1.27 (480m): Canny Carlin, Target Neeson, Liscahane Eagle, Hestia's Lad, Skywalker Flame (W), Loskeran Dot (W). 1.44 (480m): Bandicoot Bonnie, Nadurra Buzz, Iknowyouknow, Nani's Rocket, Lil Lark (W), Mustang Madison (W).

1.58 (480m): Ice Lady, O Gara, Renager, Alanna's Diamond, Your Friend, Peppy Lena (W).

Reserves: Auction House, Bay City Quest (W), Bush Hill Lady, Bush Hill Maid (W), Droopy's Jana (W), Itchycoo Park (W), Lil Lipstick, Rathronan Spark, Romeo Blade (W), Sleek Joe, Stay Black (W), Stay On Girl, Target Jackie, Target Klass, Tin Tins, Total Panic.

SUNDERLAND 6.38 (450m): Buller''s Blue, Kilminion Abi, Utopia Hawk, Rackethall Daisy (M), Bruis Honour (W), Autumn Aliysa (W).

6.56 (450m): Galgo Ligero, Allowdale Julie, Fleetwood Fair, Maxi Dazzler (M), Glassmoss Darkey (M), Citizen Mushy (W).

7.11 (450m): Milly On Bear, Cleanaway Jade, Galgo Loco (M), Anfi Dexter (M), Eye Up (M), Pugger Boy (M).

7.26 (450m): Ruslin Champ, Fane Woolliff, Macy's Moment, Crash Doll (M), Vale Whisper (M), Granny Kate (M).

7.42 (450m):Distant Penny, Night Walker, Woodcraft Flora, Balintore Belle (M), Dawn's Friend (M), Catunda Jane (W). 7.58 (450m): Coolmount Penske, Mahon Stinger, Doireain Glory (M), Peata Bhronagh (M), Craan Rosie (M), Humble Pie (W).

8.13 (450m): Boola Rumble, Uncle Johnny, North Jura, Finmar's Dream (M), Tullymurry Emily (M), Kirribilli (M).

8.28 (450m): Ted's Fizz, Anfi Sphere, Canyon Creek, Barracuda (M), Mill Millie (M), Ballycannon Jet (M).

8.43 (450m): Laser Cut, Mineola Tyrur, Dower Maid, Reluctant Chance (M), Distant Bart (M), Doc's Sam (W).

8.58 (450m): Raffa's Beach, Jumeirah Kitten, King Magic, Strong File (M), Tullymurry Radar (M), Petunia (M). 9.14 (450m): Monkspath Mistry, Border Lane, Sham's Abbey, Black Ocho (M), Sorrowful Boy (M), Cabbie's Star (W).

9.30 (450m): Harlequin Tupele, Knockard Jill, Can't Go Out (M), She's All Style (M), Druids Mollyann (M), Melody's Choice (M).

9.45 (450m): Big Rogue, Curlew, Ding Aston, North Lewis (M), Express Concorde (M), Olympian Flame (W).

Reserves: Another For Joe (M), Bond By A Hawk, Crocodile Rock, Denwill June, Doc McCloy (M), Elwick Event, Icecool Princess, Kilkenny Offer, Lowerback Teddy (M), Loyal Pupil (M), Pookie's Holly, She A Weapon (M), Suncroft Liamo (M), Waycross Zarkava (M).
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 30, 2012
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