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FOOTBALL TESCO U13 NFA CUP FINAL: Cramlington Juniors v Wallsend Boys Club (6.30pm) INTERNATIONAL MATCHES: Georgia v Turkey (7pm) GREYHOUNDS NEWCASTLE 6.38 (480m): Steel Cash, Sarahs Lark, Dunmail Jet, Lott Eli, Dereks Hope (W), Wolfys Sister (W).

6.56 (480m H/c): Toot Toot (11), Babs Fernley (11), Coolcholly Rock (9), Toxny (5), Last Cigar (W) (2), Twenty Four (scr).

7.11 (480m): Classy Movita, Sunridge Lauren, At A Glance, Tashas Dream, Eternal Scholes, Stay Black (W).

7.26 (480m): Bohard Lad, Blackhouse India, Dunbolg Monsoon, Kilatal Chimes, Adamant Flo, Park At Last (W). 7.42 (480m): Forever After, Myway Blueboy, Tornaroy Torq, Quernhow Minnie, School Rules, Flag Ship (W).

7.58 (480m): Breedas Champ, Springwell Bolt, Lil Princess, Cabela Bass, Ricos Teddy, Droopys Moore (W).

8.13 (480m): Offshore Port, I Am The Man, Shearers Scolari, State Lodge, Snowflake, Nyla Jack.

8.28 (480m): Total Panic, Target Rio, Niborneps Piphen, Target McLaren, Skywalker Flame (W), Loskeran Dot (W).

8.43 (480m): Coquet Ash, Diamonte Sparkle, Tirnaquin Putt, Sugarland Plus, Ballyhill Rage (W), Clonlost Drifter (W).

8.58 (480m): Smooth Fawn, Ballyheefy Ebony, Reiver Burn, Hayemaker, Stay On Lass, Ballyard China (W).

9.14 (480m): Canny Caleb, Elwick Regatta, Denwill Star, Tyrur Carey, Oran Leader, Kielduff College (W).

9.28 (480m H/c): Babs View (13), Pasadeane Lass (8), Galtee Yazmin (8), Benvista Sally (W) (6), Olives Boys (2), Iknowyouknow (scr).

9.42 (480m H/c): Highclere Juicy (8), Dunkerrin Gallop (6), Ruler Of All (6), Mill Enzo (4), Anfi Belle (scr), Come On Dini (scr). 9.58 (480m H/c): Mill Chip (7), Buddys Bound (5), Breedas Beauty (3), Memphis Sound (2), Lil Hawk (scr), Mill Slice (scr). Reserves: Best Action, Blackboy Mark, Centaur Korker, Direct Point (W), Distant Palmer, Keegans Gone, Kernhow Star, Milestone Ace, Mistley Issue, Nanis Rocket, Southwest Crash, Vicarage Cruiser.

SUNDERLAND (BAGS) 11.03 (450m): Beachland Vieri, Armani, Hideaway Holy (M), Utopia Ben (M), Russelstown Lady (M), Autumn Aliysa (W). 11.19 (450m): Rockforest Dame, Bromance, Kilminion Abi, Abbie Blue Boy (M), Anns Turbo (M), Creamy Dreams (W).

11.34 (450m): Tango Sid, Woody's Girl, Derby Andy, On The Box (M), Doc McCloy (M), Ted's Way (W).

11.48 (450m): Loughside Storm, Denwill June, Druids Quest, Tullymurry Emily (M), Twelvethirtyfive (M), Pugger Boy (M).

12.04 (450m): Coolcholly Sandy, Loughside Boss, Mayfield Angler (M), Halcrow Phoenix (M), Market Mover (M), North Stroma (M).

12.18 (450m): Rocket Rumble, Cleanaway Jade, Magna Katrina, Sunridge Natalie (M), Tullymurry Ozone (M), Distant Abilene (M).

12.32 (450m): Ellie Cupid, Drumena Yeats, Whitestar Honcho, Another For Joe (M), Melody's Choice (M), Pearlstone (W).

12.47 (450m): Distant Penny, Lucky Dime, Distant Ava (M), Vale Whisper (M), Muckely Hill (M), Stylish Lass (M).

1.04 (450m): Loughside Deputy, Scarty Brandon, Stingy Wire, Winetavern Jolie (M), Maxi Dazzler (M), Out Going (M).

1.19 (640m): Mays Jet (M) (20), Doner Kebab (M) (10), OLeary's Lil (M) (6), Swift Kayla (3), Nervous Vicky (M) (3), Black Oir (scr). 1.33 (450m): Raffas Beach, Hades Express, Grandpa Steve, Sponge Bob Lee (M), Petunia (M), Head Iton Daniel (W).

1.51 (450m): Laser Cut, Wynyard Joso, Anfi Fizz, Gainstown Buster (M), Young Jacqueline (M), Tullymurry Radar (M).

Reserves: Ambis Dubh (A), Ballyculleen Kid (B) (M), Caesar's Empire (C), Elwick Chase (D), Etherley Missy (E), Jet Black Boy (F), Lisnakill Declan (G) (M), Loughside Stella (H) (M), Macy's Melody (I) (M), North Harris (J) (M), Shes All Style (K) (M), Tsarina Lena (L) (W), Two Step Blue (M).
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 24, 2012
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