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IT MIGHT be the birthplace of stars like world champion boxer Rinty Monaghan and wise-cracking comic Frank Carson - but Sailortown locals get much spookier than that.

Sunday People has uncovered a hair-raising secret set to shock Ulster - some of the best known people from the area are GHOSTS!

One spectre, a one-legged man called Jack Herrity, is said to haunt the Clarendon Bar.

Oddly enough, he's also thought to be the grandfather of the man who runs the American Bar close by.

Clarendon Bar manager Adrian O'Neill said a man who swears to have seen a ghost still drinks in the bar now.

"He practically sits in the place where he was born because his house used to stand where we are now before the bar was extended."

Regular Joe Gorman smiles, saying: "He reckons Jack is still coming back to the house.

"He swears that he has has seen him hopping about the bar on his one leg."

Jackie McNally, the boss of the American Bar, said: "The one-legged man is probably my grandfather. He was a west of Ireland man who lost his leg, so I think it might be him."

Jackie added that his pub has some kind of presence of its own - and that he has seen its handiwork himself.

"I was locking up one night and the TV must have been off for about three hours.

"Then it just suddenly came on again for no reason. It turned on a teletext page.

"And there have been times when there have been exploding bottles and glasses - just blowing up for no reason at all."

He adds: "But I can't prove anything."

Another spook, known as Galloper Thompson, is said to have been seen by many in the past charging up and down the old iron bridge by Milewater Road.

"He's known as the Headless Horseman," said Philip Ward, a third generation seaman from the area.

"The bridge is still there so maybe he is too. I haven't heard from him in a while but there are definitely people who say they have seen him."

And there's old Henry who has, allegedly, haunted about every bar and street of Sailortown in a ghoulish career spanning decades.

Joe Gorman said: "Plently of people have seen Henry around the place.

"He's been seen everywhere, but I think they only see him in the Dockers' Club now. Maybe he moved there for good."

Sunday People this week launched an investigation into the strange occurances in the local bars of Sailortown. But our team of reporters has so far been unable to turn up any hard evidence of hauntings.

But we pledge to keep abreast of the spirit world and will update readers on any unusual goings-on in the public houses the area.
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 23, 2000
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