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SPLC releases findings on highly secretive Council for National Policy membership.

MONTGOMERY, AL -- The Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) recently obtained the Council for National Policy's (CNP) secretive 2014 Membership Directory, and released the findings. A full list of members is available on the Center's website ( hatewatch/2016/05/17/cnpbehind-curtain).

While the names of some members has leaked over the years, the last time a list of CNP members was made public was 1998.

The CNP operates behind the scenes and provides a venue three times a year for powerful American politicians and others on the right to meet privately to build the conservative movement.

In SPLC's analysis, it found that the CNP is a key meeting place where mainstream conservatives interact--and are possibly influenced by extremist individuals, including those who regularly defame LGBT people with falsehoods, describe Latino immigrants as a dangerous group of rapists and disease-carriers, and spread lies about American Muslims. Two of the favorite issues discussed at CNP meetings are "Homosexual issues" and "Radical Islam."

While the group's members have been a secret until now, it is important to note that the people mixing with CNP's membership are key leaders in American society, including President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Clarence Thomas. CNP also held a candidate forum last October, where speakers included Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Rick Santorum.

From an extremist perspective, here are a few people that are most relevant:

* Tony Perkins, head of the anti-LGBT Family Research Center

* Frank Gaffney, head of the anti-Muslim Center for Security Policy

* Michael Peroutka (on CNP's board of governors), for many years served on the board of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group that advocates for a newly seceded South ruled by white people

* JosephFarah (on CNP's board of governors), runs the conspiracist online "news" outlet, WorldNetDaily

* Mat Staver, head of the anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel

* Tim Wildmon, head of the American Family Association

* W. Cleon Skousen, longtime speaker for the John Birch Society, and defender of the Mormon Church's then-policy of excluding black people from its priesthood.

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Date:Jun 1, 2016
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