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 CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Spinnaker Software Corp. (NASDAQ: SPKR), today announced a site license program targeted for users of the company's productivity software solutions at corporate offices and government agencies.
 According to Andrew Sykes, Spinnaker's corporate sales account executive, the program covers users of Spinnaker's PFS:WindowWorks 2.0, PFS:First Choice, Calendar Creator Plus, Express Publisher, PFS:Prospect, PFS:Resume & Job Search Pro, and PFS:Works for OS/2. Users can purchase site licenses through Spinnaker's corporate and government resellers which include Corporate Software, 800 Software, Softmart and Software Spectrum.
 "The site license program lets Spinnaker reach a market that was previously untapped for us," said Sykes. "Many of our products are already being used in corporate environments and by government agencies. Our site license program makes it easier for these users to take full advantage of our software solutions and leverage the support they receive from our corporate resellers."
 The program is tiered by cost/user ratio. The tier begins with 25-100 users at $30 per user; 101-250 users at $27 per user; 251-500 users at $24 per user; 501-750 users at $22 per user and 751-1000 at $20 per user. All prices are SRP.
 With each site license, users can list two contacts eligible to receive free service and support from Spinnaker.

Spinnaker's Software Solutions
 Spinnaker's PFS:WindowWorks is a complete set of applications corporate users can quickly take advantage of. PFS:WindowWorks includes: a top rated WYSIWYG word processor with spell checker, frames and fonts; Full-featured Lotus 1-2-3 compatible Spreadsheet with point and click ease; a Chart Maker to turn Spreadsheets into charts; a dBASE II-compatible Database which sorts on three fields and reads dBASE and PFS:First Choice files; a pre-set options Label Maker; and an Address Book. PFS:WindowWorks features customizable QuickButtons that allows students to easily shortcut common commands.
 PFS:First Choice is a leading DOS-based integrated package that combines five productivity applications with an exceptionally easy interface. PFS:First Choice includes WYSIWYG viewing and editing in the word processing module with grammar checker and scalable fonts; an industry standard spreadsheet; a three-field sort for the database module, and an outstanding graphics package that is ideal for laser or DOT-matrix printers.
 PFS:Publisher is a Windows-based desktop publishing package that is easy to use. Users can visually control every page attribute using PFS:Publisher's advanced features which include: text wrapping, cropping and sizing graphics, controlled kerning and leading, generate halftones from b/w and color artwork. PFS:Publisher features more than 50 professionally-designed templates and 200 clip art images together with multiple page style sheets, text importing, a word processor with spellchecking and thesaurus and drawing tools.
 Express Publisher is a perfect compliment to Spinnaker's PFS: desktop publishing program. Express Publisher 3.0 for DOS features on- line design guidelines from noted desktop publishing specialist Roger Parker. The Windows version of Express Publisher offers Text Appeal, a utility that creates custom logos, bursts and headlines with "special text effects."
 Calendar Creator is an award-winning personal organization tool for Windows, DOS and Macintosh environments. Calendar Creator organizes a students time in several popular formats. Students can keep track of assignments, projects, holidays and more. Calendar Creator lets users print customized calendars for popular organizers and binders as well as wall displays. Parents can keep track of basketball practice, ballet lessons and school vacations.
 PFS:Prospect is a DOS-based contact management program designed for sales professionals in small business and home offices who need to manage sales leads via a powerful customer database that targets, tracks and profiles customers and prospects. PFS:Prospect is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use solution that lets users instantly create flexible reports, mass mailings, follow-up letters, attach notes to customer records and dial or fax contacts right from the computer. Sales professionals can take full advantage of PFS:Prospect's appointment, calendar and "to do" modules to stay organized.
 PFS:Works for OS/2 is a leading integrated package for IBM's OS/2 operating system. PFS:Works for OS/2 includes a full-featured WYSIWYG word processor with spell checker, frames and fonts; Full-featured Lotus 1-2-3 compatible Spreadsheet with point and click ease; a Chart Maker to turn Spreadsheets into charts; a dBASE-compatible Database which stores up to 32,000 records; a Label M ?with custom layout functionality; and an Address Book that can exchange data with the word processing and database modules.
 PFS:Resume & Job Search Pro is a new set of resume writing and job search organization tools which consists of three modules; a powerful Resume Builder featuring automatic layout and resume formatting; a Job Search Manager for tracking the job search process and scheduling follow up interviews; and, a full-featured Word Processor with spell checker/thesaurus, an action word glossary, and sample cover letters to help job seekers draft resumes and cover letters that get noticed. PFS:Resume & Job Search Pro is available for Windows or DOS environments.
 About Spinnaker
 Based in Cambridge, Mass., Spinnaker is a leading supplier of personal productivity software solutions for individuals, home offices and small businesses. The company sells its products through more than 15,000 retail outlets across the country and directly, through the Power Up! Catalog.
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 /CONTACT: Dan Chmielewski of Spinnaker, 617-494-1200, ext. 458/

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