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 CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Spinnaker Software Corporation (NASDAQ: SPKR), has introduced Calendar Creations -- six different theme calendar products that include the best-selling Calendar Creator Plus for Windows with pre-designed printed calendar paper, theme- related facts and information, and five TruType fonts -- which provide everything users need to produce display-quality customized wall calendars. Each Calendar Creations product has a street price of less than $50.
 The six Calendar Creations titles include: "Legends of Baseball", "Oceans Alive!", "Best Friends (Dogs & Cats)", "The Impressionists", "Nature" and "Exotic Cars."
 "We wanted to leverage the tremendous popularity of the printed calendar market and combine that demand with the success of our Calendar Creator Plus software," said Lynne Weiss, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Spinnaker. "Calendar Creations is the first package that gives users all the benefits of a dynamic calendar software and the ability to publish their own hard copy calendars with photographs tailored for their interests. Each theme is based on best-selling paper calendar themes that are perfect for anyone, especially during the holiday gift-giving season. So far, we're overwhelmed by the demand this new product line has generated from our retail channel."
 According to the Calendar Marketing Association, the Calendar Industry is a $6.2 billion annual enterprise with the average person using between four to six calendars per year. Consumers buy more calendars in December than any other month of the year.
 Each Calendar Creations theme pack includes:
 -- Calendar Creator Plus for Windows
 -- 48 sheets of high quality, pre-printed calendar paper specially
 designed for Calendar Creations
 -- Spiral binding for four complete calendars
 -- A diskette with a theme-related event list, pre-designed
 workspaces, and five TruType fonts.
 The Calendar Creations Product Line
 "Nature" -- Includes scenic landscapes of mountains, lakes and deserts in seasonal colors. Includes conservation and recycling tips, natural history dates and more.
 "Exotic Cars" -- The hottest cars at the hottest locations. High-performance sports cars from Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari and others. Includes automotive history, facts/features about each car, Grand Prix race dates and more.
 "Legends of Baseball" -- Action photos of the greatest players to ever don a uniform, including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and others. Biographical data of each player is included along with baseball trivia about superstar players and baseball's best ball parks.
 "Oceans Alive!" -- A collection of marine mammal photography including dolphins, whales, penguins and sea lions. Includes facts about marine mammals habitats, breeding behavior and more.
 "The Impressionists" -- Famous works of art for the impressionist masters, including Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet and others. Biographical information about the artists and details about their work are available along with key 1994 show dates and tours for impressionist paintings. A directory of where key collections reside is included.
 "Best Friends" -- Features adorable pictures of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens along with facts about canine and feline history, behaviors and associations.
 Calendar Creator Plus for Windows
 PC Users are increasingly finding that computer-based calendar software is an effective tool to keep their schedules up-to-date. Calendar Creator Plus for Windows is the leading calendar publishing software package from Spinnaker Software. The program recently captured four national and worldwide awards from the Calendar Marketing Association's (CMA) fourth annual National and World Calendar Awards competition.
 Since the original Calendar Creator Plus program was introduced in 1986, it has been consistently in leading PC and software trade journals' "Top Ten" lists for personal productivity software categories.
 Calendar Creator Plus for Windows provides users with most popular calendar sizes and styles for high quality output and effective scheduling.
 Calendar Creator Plus for Windows supports double-sided printing and a variety of paper sizes from credit card size stock to 11" x 14" stock with point and click present formats for popular organizers like DayRunner binders. Calendar Creator Plus's 16-color printing capabilities can be applied to text, boxes, shading, pictures, grids and date numbers. Users can also select from more than 300 clip-art images and store even more clip art with PFS:PowerAlbum, a Windows-based clip art/image organizer bundled with Calendar Creator Plus for Windows; and, take advantage of unlimited user-defined text styles and data files, including famous birthdays and moon phases, to customize their personal calendars.
 Calendar Creations Pricing and Availability
 Calendar Creations carries a manufacturer's suggested list price of $59.95 with a street price of under $50. The theme packs are sold at leading software retailers such as Egghead Software, Comp USA, Staples, Lechmere, BJ's Wholesale Club, Sam's, Price Club, Costco, Pace, Babbages, Software Etc., Electronics Boutique, The Wiz, Computer City and Wal-Mart. For more information, call Spinnaker at 1-800-826-0706. Theme packs are available for $14.95 and paper refills are priced at $9.95 through the Power Up! Catalog.
 About Spinnaker
 Spinnaker Software is a leading supplier of personal productivity software solutions for individuals, home offices and small businesses. Spinnaker markets it software through more than 15,000 retail outlets and directly through the Power Up! Catalog.
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