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SPI seeks uniforms rules on environmental claims.

SPI Seeks Uniform Rules on Environmental Claims

At a June hearing before the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Lew Freeman, SPI vice president of government affairs, remarked that "in this era in which most products are marketed nationally, it is imperative that national, uniform guidelines be established to govern environmental claims."

Noting a host of sometimes conflicting state regulations being proposed, Freeman said that if state and local regulators do not voluntarily adhere to the national guidelines, the FTC should consider preemptive regulations.

"SPI is interested in encouraging truthful environmental advertising and in

the broader issue of the need to protect and preserve our environment," Freeman said. "We strongly believe that labels and environmental advertisements should be truthful, nonmisleading, and supported by sound technical data."

Regarding recycled content claims, Freeman said federal guidelines should make no distinction between "post-consumer" waste and industrial waste if the material reused would otherwise have been thrown away.

On recyclability claims, he cautioned against restrictive guidelines. "Statements such as |recyclable where facilities exist' adequately advise the customer of the possible need to seek out information on the location of the nearest recycling facility for the particular product involved."

Testimony given by industry, consumer, and environmental groups at the FTC hearing indicates an apparent consensus that national, uniform guidelines for environmental labeling are necessary. Further, the National Association of Attorneys General has adopted a resolution urging Congress to approve legislation to establish federally uniform definitions and standards for environmental advertising.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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