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SPI/SPE Plastics Show and Conference West.

SPI/SPE Plastics Show and Conference West

On October 2-4, 1990, The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., and the Society of Plastics Engineers will cosponsor the SPI/SPE Plastics Show and Conference - West at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Held in non-NPE years since 1984, these joint ventures of the two societies have provided an important forum for the sharing of industry information. The last Plastics/West Show, held in Las Vegas in 1987, drew nearly 4000 visitors. The show will be conducted by SPI - at press time, 170 companies and organizations, representing Canada, the Far East, and all sections of the U.S., had registered for exhibition space. (The list of exhibitors, at press time, begins on the next page.) Some 36 technical papers are expected to be presented at six sessions, under the auspices of SPE. Chosen subjects for the sessions of Wednesday, Oct. 3, are Secondary Operations/Decorating; Molding Materials Update; and Plastics in the World Economy. Chosen subjects for the sessions of Thursday, Oct. 4, are Recycling/Resource and Waste Management; Practical Equipment Advances; and Designing/Engineering With Plastics. Each day's sessions will run concurrently. SPE will also present a full slate of Seminars; the listing appears on the next page.
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Title Annotation:Society of the Plastics Industry and Society of Plastics Engineers; list of exhibitors
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Aug 1, 1990
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