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SPGPrints Pre-Print Seminar 2016.

SPGPrints Pakistan organised Pre-Print Seminars in Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore to introduce latest digital engraving technologies. The Seminar was attended by a large number of textile printing industry professionals. Two experts from SPGPrints Austria, Mr. Ing. Heinz Endres, Marketing and Sales Manager and Mr. Gulam Pardhan, Application Specialist, explained about SPGPrints Engraving Technologies, advantages of bestIMAGE over Photoshop and, last but not least, bestIMAGE CMYK (four colour printing) module.

Mr. Heinz Endres, in his presentation, said, "The bestLEN is the original SPGPrints laser engraving system, and has already proven itself many times over the years under some of the most demanding conditions. To improve the workflow, SPGPrints has developed a dedicated designing software bestIMAGE. BestIMAGE is a CAD software package for enhancing your engraving process by simplifying the creation and editing of designs while offering a whole new range of possibilities in the textile pre-print workflow. Interfacing seamlessly with your SPGPrints laser engraving system, bestIMAGE gives you unprecedented support and flexibility in textile design development, colour separation, engraving and collection printing. This leads to increased productivity and higher levels of consistency and - most importantly - it enables a fully calibrated engraving process."

He further added, "The smartLEX is the new direct laser exposing system, containing SPGPrints' blue ray technology, combining perfect imaging quality with an unmatched ease of use. smartLEX offers perfect engraving of halftones or geometrical designs while keeping a very attractive TCO per engraved screen."

He concluded: "The ecoLEN was developed for engraving operations where the cost of operation is an overriding factor. It incorporates the same technology as the bestLEN, yet it is considerably less expensive but with better quality than the inkjet systems. With the ecoLEN, you can enjoy all the benefits of laser engraving for a lower level of initial investment. Dedicated software for improved workflow - all advantages of the bestIMAGE CAD software package - can also be used together with your ecoLEN engraving system."

Mr. Gulam Pardhan explained different screen coating techniques like a single and double squeegee and said, double squeegee has even coating thickness and constant printing results with efficient coating speed for higher productivity. Due to less lacquer consumption production cost is also reduced."

He added, "bestIMAGE software is only made for textiles, I can say this software is for better production. It saves time, as time is money for us. Our bestIMAGE software makes defining and editing designs simpler than ever. This modular and user-friendly CAD software allows easy and efficient textile design development. Key functions include design, repeating, colour separation, stepping and trapping, colouring, texture mapping as well as simulation, calibration of colours and raster graphs in one integrated but modular software package. The new software is an "open platform", that is fully compatible with both the ecoLEN, smartLEX and bestLEN systems, as well as a host of non-SPGPrints engravers."

Explaining the advantages of bestIMAGE, he said: "It has different resolutions, automatic multi-repeat functions, automatic drop functions, need only one repeat, automatic cut repeat function, automatic pinholes retouching, automatic outline size setting, all geometric line angles are possible, moire avoiding functions and Photoshop connection."

Talking about Moire effect he added, "Moire is an effect that occurs when two regular structures interfere and thus a new, third pattern is created. This can happen when a screen's regular mesh structure and a line raster's grid structure meet. Another source of Moire can be the construction pattern of the textile. Some textiles like knitted goods, georgette or Javanese show a tendency for this effect. "

He concluded the seminar with the details of step-by-step process of four color printing (CMYK) in bestIMAGE and said, "CMYK rotary printing is a technique to achieve great number of colors just by printing only with four colors e.g. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and with SPGPrints bestIMAGE software it has been made very easy."
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Date:Aug 31, 2016
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