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SPGPrints Pakistan introduced PIKE(R): The second revolution in digital textile printing.

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Pike(R) is based on a full-width array of Fuji film Samba print heads, specially modified in a joint project for optimum performance in textile printing. The heads are incorporated in a highly accurate but user-friendly print-bar technology, called Archer(R)'.

One essential advantage of the technology is that the Archer(R) Technology can jet accurately across a distance much greater than any other heads widely used in current digital-textile applications. The head plates in the Archer(R) array will typically be 4mm away from the surface of the substrate, compared with the typical 1.5mm of other print heads so greatly reducing the risk of head strike', which can damage these expensive components.

SPGPrints has also developed Pike(R) Reactive inks, with a formula that eliminates the mist problem, which might have arisen with this greater firing distance.

The first Pike(R) printer is a 6-colour machine in which each colour is represented by an Archer(R) print bar containing 43 print heads, giving a printing width of 1850 mm. The print bar has a native resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, variable drop sizes from 2-10 pl and a jetting frequency of 32 kHz, which together deliver typical productivity of 40 linear metres a minutes, with a maximum of around 75 m/min. The modular construction will allow models with up to 9 colours.

Pike(R) delivers, at high speed and with low, predictable costs. The Pike's fabric-infeed system is by Erhardt + Leimer and the transport blanket has been specially designed in conjunction with Habasit. The in-line dryer has the extra capacity to handle disperse inks, which along with acid inks are in process and are scheduled to be launched in 2016.

Complete range of textile inks

The NEBULA inks are especially designed for multi-pass printers based on Kyocera print heads. Besides the Reactive and Acid inksets there is also a ReAcid inkset that allows printing on both natural fibers as well as PolyAmide Lycra fabrics. With the special Reactive Deep Black ink, one can get intense dark black. QUASAR, for high speed single pass printing with Kyocera heads. For a number of years the company has been optimizing ink performance for high-speed digital printing machines to help deliver superior image quality. This includes patented technology to prevent striping and branding. SPGPrints FLARE inks run on all printers using Epson print heads.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
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Date:Sep 30, 2015
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