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 NEW YORK, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldvision Enterprises Inc. and Producer Aaron Spelling, the television industry's most prolific program producer, have joined forces to create "The Spelling Premiere Network," a two-hour block of prime-time programming which will begin airing in June 1994.
 John D. Ryan, Worldvision president and chief executive officer, said that Spelling will serve as executive producer and the "Spelling Premiere Network" will be comprised of two one-hour adult dramas designed to offer particular appeal to women.
 "Aaron is a master at producing quality entertainment which attracts huge audiences. His programs consistently deliver the audience composition that is most desired by advertisers," Ryan said. "His ability to balance romance, passion and conflict is unequalled in the industry."
 Starting with "Mod Squad" in 1970, Spelling established an unprecedented stretch of 17 years in which at least one of his shows was among the top 25 in the ratings. Quality has gone hand-in-hand with quantity. For example, the widely praised adaptation of "And the Band Played on," which currently is playing on HBO, was executive produced by Spelling. The current hits, "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place," playing in tandem on the Fox Network, also come from Spelling.
 "Some programs win time periods," Ryan said. "Spelling has dominated whole evenings with program combinations such as `Love Boat' and `Fantasy Island' or `Dynasty' and `Hotel.' Our objective is to provide stations which join the Spelling Premiere Network with their most powerful night of the week and their most viable inventory of commercial time."
 Each of the component one-hour series, according to Spelling, will revolve around a continuing cast of characters, often interacting with guest stars. Each will stress the sort of romantic relationships that have been his trademark over the years and have proven so pleasing to female audiences while also attracting substantial percentages of males. Each will feature the lush production values associated with all Spelling productions.
 "One of the most gratifying experiences enjoyed by producers since the emergence of a fourth network and the investment by cable networks in quality original programs is that audiences no longer are bound by rigid viewing habits," Spelling said. "The appetite for good product has increased and this need has given us greater creative latitude.
 "Instead of settling for the least objectionable network program in a given time period, audiences have become accustomed to searching across the channels for better alternatives. All programs are vulnerable to competition; all time periods are up for grabs. We are setting out to give stations which join in our network a powerful tool to compete for acceptance by the most desirable viewing group in commercial television."
 In preparation for the launch next spring, Worldvision executives have been holding briefings with top management of TV station groups and leading independents in the top markets which will form the nucleus of the "Spelling Premiere Network's" lineup.
 "The stations are telling us that this is the ideal time for them to program to women, both the largest available audience and the audience most coveted by advertisers," said Bob Raleigh, senior vice president of Domestic Sales for Worldvision. "The ratings tell us that the network delivering the highest female composition invariably wins five out of seven nights. As a result, the networks have skewed their programming toward attracting women while the independents had no alternative but to counter program with sports, movies and action fare.
 "With the "Spelling Premiere Network," we're giving independent stations the firepower to compete for virtually any prime time periods by dominating the women's audience while still offering substantial appeal to men. Currently 20 percent more women than men watch prime time television. The differential is expected to increase even further."
 Attesting to Spelling's continued mastery in this area is the fact that "Beverly Hills 90210" tops all Fox programs in delivery of women 18 to 49, with "Melrose Place" in a virtual dead heat for fourth place in this category behind "The Simpsons" and "Martin."
 A successful writer before he became a producer, Spelling is a master of plot, scripting and scene-setting. With his unerring eye for casting over the years, Spelling has tapped relative unknowns for starring roles in his shows, thereby launching them on formidable careers as lead players. Among the most notable vehicles was "Charlies Angels," which propelled Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith to stardom. "Love Boat," "Fantasy Island" and "Hotel" were to actors what the "Tonight" show was to comics. Some of his shows, most notably "Dynasty," revitalized careers of actors who could no longer play juveniles, while proving that romance exists after the age of 30.
 Worldvision Enterprises is a unit of Spelling Entertainment Inc. a holding company which was created in the process of a 1989 merger. At that time Aaron Spelling was a prominent minority stockholder in the new structure. However, as a result of a series of friendly mergers and buyouts, the company which bears his name and is the corporate parent of Worldvision gained a new majority stockholder -- Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. -- in the spring of 1993.
 Worldvision's operations include first-run and off-network sales to cable, network and syndicated television, as well as home video. In addition to Worldvision-originated product, the company represents ad sales for a variety of additional barter properties. The Worldvision inventory includes over 4,000 hours of domestic programming and more than 15,000 hours of international programming.
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