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SPELL OF 'HYPNO RAPIST' Victim 'in his power'.


A WOMAN was raped several times by a hypnotherapist after he hypnotised her, a court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Sue Klonin said of Geoffrey Shaw: "She felt unable to resist, powerless to stop him.

"Sex took place when he said so. He never asked permission, he told her. He ordered, she obeyed."

She saw Shaw, now 70, at his home where he ordered her to undress and lie down. Sometimes he told her to attend sessions wearing stockings and suspenders, the court heard.

The patient, now 46, wept as she told how Shaw hypnotised her: "He was talking in a very soft monotone voice, counting down from 10.

"This voice got quieter and he told me to indicate by lifting one finger when I was relaxed.

"I lost all sense of time because there was a very pleasant feeling of relaxation. The next thing I was aware of he was counting and his voice got louder."

The woman said after several sessions Shaw started to kiss her and then later told her to remove her clothing and raped her.

She told the jury: "I did exactly what he said. He was very assertive and I felt powerless."

Shaw's wife was said to be in a nearby room.

The court heard the woman was seeking help for depression after her painful vaginal condition had caused the breakup of a relationship.

She was allegedly raped by Shaw between 1986 and 1989. She stopped seeing him after an operation in 1989 - and did not tell police until nine years later while attending a rape crisis centre.

Prosecutors decided not to proceed, Minshull crown court, Manchester, was told. But in March 2000, the woman discovered a dress she had worn on visits to Shaw's house in Bramhall, Stockport.

Prosecutor Ms Klonin said: "It was, you might say, a Monica Lewinsky item. On that skirt was his semen - a matching profile." Shaw denies six charges of rape and one of indecent assault.

The trial continues today.


ACCUSED: Hypnotherapist Geoffrey Shaw, 70
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2002
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