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SPEEDING BIKER HIT 131MPH IN REGION; Police slam reckless rider.

Jackie Grant A motorcyclist was clocked by cops doing 131mph during a crackdown on speeding on the region's roads.

A second biker hit 102mph before hitting the brakes when snared by traffic patrols at the weekend.

Sergeant Doug Millar of Dumfries police slammed motorcyclists for risking high speeds "regardless of the consequences to themselves or other road users".

And he warned that they would be cracking down on speeders on the region's roads until the end of September.

The rider clocked travelling at 131mph was on a trunk road with a speed limit of 60mph.

Sgt Millar added: "It's disappointing, that despite the proactive work carried out by Police Scotland and other organisations to promote responsible, safe riding, some motorcyclists still risk riding at high speeds.

"Sadly motorcyclists are overrepresented in the total number of casualties on Scotland's roads and even more so in the number of fatalities.

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"With the arrival of good weather, more and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads within Dumfries and Galloway making the most of their weekends.

"Police Scotland wants to make sure that they do this safely and our motorcycle safety campaign urges motorcyclists to reduce their speed and think of the personal consequences of taking risks when biking."

NewRates_ " Sgt Millar added: "A common cause of motorcycle crashes is the so-called T-boning of the motorcycle by drivers who either pull out of a junction in front of, or across the path of, an oncoming bike to turn right. These collisions could be avoided by drivers taking more care.

BookAnAdIntims_ "Drivers should remember that motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than drivers, especially in wet conditions. A driver may walk away from a crash that a motorcyclist would not."

The North West 200 motorcycle road racing event in Northern Ireland starts this Sunday until May 19.

Document: Plate:Composite;Date:Jun02,201417:31:13 Police said to expect a large increase in groups of motorcyclists travelling through the region on route to the ferry ports at Cairnryan.

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Publication:Dumfries and Galloway Standard (Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 8, 2018
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