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SPE Thermoforming Division presents parts awards.

Forty-two product entries competed for awards honoring thermoforming excellence at the sixth annual SPE Thermoforming Division Parts Competition, held October 7-8 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Besides contending for the Chairperson's Award and the People's Choice Award, entrants vied for honors in both thin- and heavy-gage categories. Contestants included a one-piece shower stall, computer and instrument consoles and panels, automotive dashboards, refrigerator compartments, respiratory and optical medical devices, closure and dispensers for cereal boxes, and clamshell containers for household, medical, and electronic products.

Profile Plastics Inc.'s electronic weight machine--an exercise device--won both the Chairperson's Award, presented to the product voted the best in the competition, and the People's Choice Award, voted on by conference participants. The large, three-piece unit (0.312-in thick, 0.312-in thick, and 0.280-in thick) requires a high degree of detail and is thus best suited to the pressure forming process. Formed of general purpose ABS, it features an embossed untextured surface against a textured background. The product owes its uniqueness to a textured mold, excellent mating surfaces, and precision moldmaking.

Procter & Gamble's ultra laundry detergent scoop, submitted by Creative Forming Co., was one of two winners in the thin-gage category. The part, 0.040-in thick, uses 100% recycled post-consumer PET and replaces and injection molded scoop. Reported to fulfill all functional requirements, it offers crisp detail and excellent engraving replication.

The other winner in the thin-gage category was American Cyanamid Co.'s Back-up Emergency Lighting System, submitted by Innovative Plastics Corp., Mohegan Lake, N.Y. The system comprises three PVC parts, 0.030-in thick, that constitute a reusable, snap-locking, mountable case. Unique features include precision registration buttons, innovative design, a three-plane RF seal, and a one-plane tear seal.

The Stenograph Pro Model Writer, submitted by Profile Plastics Inc., shared top honors in the heavy-gage category with BFGoodrich Co.'s Geon Vinyl refrigerator door. The Pro Model Writer is a two-piece modified polypropylene case, 0.156-in thick, that promises cost advantages over injection molded products because of low-cost tooling and a one-time production run. Recognized for its high degree of material forming difficulty, the product is distinguished by complex radii, a textured mold surface, and perimeter undercuts that require slides. Sonic welding of assembly posts is accomplished without cosmetic disruption of the surface.

The Geon vinyl material of the refrigerator door is reported to be ecologically safe. Twin sheet thermoforming permits continuous in-line manufacturing of the door, which was recognized for both innovative mold design and material forming difficulty.

The competition was held in conjunction with the 1991 Fall Thermoforming Technical Conference, sponsored by Portage Casting & Mold Ind., Portage, Wis. Approximately 400 people--representing machinery manufacturers, moldmakers, and suppliers of resins, extrusion sheet, and thermoforming parts--attended the conference.
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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