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SPC publishes facts about mold.

A new publication from the Southern Pine Council, Managing Moisture and Mold, provides consumers, builders, and other industry professionals with the basic information they need about mold, moisture, and protecting wood products. In the Tips for Mold Control section, readers learn about proper paper wrapping, shipping, jobsite delivery inspection, and how to address water damage. A separate section is devoted to easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning mold. This two-page fact sheet also highlights the key to preventing mold growth, standard building code requirements, and the effects of mold on lumber. This new publication will help audiences understand the steps necessary to properly transport and store lumber products. It will be widely distributed in numerous states, including Florida and Texas, hotbed regions for mold controversy. For a free copy of the publication, contact the Southern Pine Council at or 504-443-4464 and request publication #907.
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Title Annotation:Southern Pine Council, Managing Moisture and Mold
Publication:Forest Products Journal
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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