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SP Bala concert organisers to challenge Jakim over timing change.

Organisers of the SPB's Live In Concert Illaya Nila on August 31 featuring Indian superstar singer SP Balasubrahmanyam plan to fight an order to change the time ostensibly because it clashes with Awal Muharram celebrations.

Astro's Indian broadcast channel, astroulagam reported the concert organiser Raaghav Productions as disputing the decision by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), which claimed that holding the show after 7.30pm might cause uneasiness among the Muslims and eventually lead to racial tensions.

'We are fine with changing the schedule of the show. As a Hindu, I respect the rules and we don't want to disrespect the Muslims.

'However, similar to the restrictions posed on us, all the pubs should be closed after sunset at 7.30pm. If they can't do that, it's not fair to stop this show,' an unnamed member of the concert organising team was quoted as saying.

The concert was originally scheduled for 7pm to 11pm at the Plenary Hall in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here.

However, Raaghav Productions was reportedly told to move the concert time to 3pm and end at 7pm because of a new rule introduced by the Central Agencies Committee for Applications for Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes (Puspal).

Puspal reportedly had notified the organisers that Jakim had advised that no concerts be held after 7pm that day. A press conference was supposedly held yesterday on this issue.

Puspal is also said to have warned concert organisers not to sell tickets prior to getting approval from the relevant government agencies.

It claimed to not have issued any support letter to the organisers to hold the concert from 7pm to 11pm on August 31.

The agency said that events will not be allowed to proceed without such approvals, amid an uproar over the rescheduling of two concerts in order to accommodate the Muslim new year celebration of Awal Muharram and Maal Hijrah.

Puspal added that Raaghav Production's application was rejected based on Jakim's advice and urged the organiser to change the date of the concert.

Another local concert that was reportedly affected by the Jakim advice was that of Taiwanese singer Bobby Chen, which has been brought forward to noon instead of 7.30pm this Saturday.

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Publication:Malay Mail Online (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Date:Aug 27, 2019
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