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On booze-related injuries The answer to this seems very simple to me, hit them in the pocket! Whatever the cost is to send an ambulance out to treat these irresponsible people, then charge them it. I reckon the incidents will soon stop if this is implemented. If you want to get drunk out of your head, that's your business. If you want us to pay for it, well that's another matter. This will only get worse if not addressed now. Our health service cannot afford this!

Graham Wigley On Blues' 'secret sales' This explains the sudden change in terms of the transfer window and the claim of redirecting money meant we didn't have to sell to survive to the end of the season. As for next season, following the recent publication of BIHL accounts, I fear waters that are more turbulent and financial storms, as they seem to offer even more questions as to the club's stability than answers.

Chris Walker On under-aged teenagers using tanning salons The Sunbeds Bills in England and Scotland, in which under 18s were banned from using tanning beds, do not go far enough to address the problem we face in the UK today. Recent research has shown that the first exposure to sunbeds before the age of 35 years increases the risk of melanoma by 75 per cent. I believe the Government is failing in its duty to protect the public at large. uk/petitions/45062 Mark Carter Sorry girls, you might think you look healthy but to me these sunbeds make you look ill.

Stu Johnson
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 19, 2013
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