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Yesterday we asked: Should travel firms do more to ensure the safety of holidaymakers? UK ban for ex-US army man who trains to kill. Do you think it's right ? Ordinary people are being terrorized by feral savages on our streets and even in their own homes, with a so-called police service who aren't even allowed to enforce the law any more! So why not allow this man into the country to teach us citizens to defend ourselves, homes and communities? Everton Porter You can get the videos online anyway.

David Green pounds 5,000 reward to catch thugs who attacked OAP Emma Winnall Is that all? Don't get me wrong, whoever committed this evil brutal attack should be caught or grassed on at no cost but if a reward is offered surely pounds 5k is insulting to this frail pensioner? Paul Shepherd Who needs money to report the evil person(s) who did this anyway? Any normal person would be only too glad to help without any money at all.

Marion Burdon It shouldn't have to take money being offered as a reward to grass up who ever did this. They need catching ASAP and locking away for life.

The fact that defenceless frail OAPs are not safe in their own homes is so sad especially when you consider what a lot of them went through back in the war for our country.

Chelle Jones Dad of balcony plunge man slams holiday firms over safety checks Travel firms should do their homework regarding resorts, after all they are providing a service. But it is down to families/individuals to take risk assesments regarding activities. People have to take responsibilities as to where or what they do.

Chris Wintle MAIL Yesterday we asked: Should travel firms do more to ensure the safety of holidaymakers? ONLINE YES: 88% NO: 12% POLL For today's daily question go to
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 10, 2012
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