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Cadbury snubs its pensioners As someone born and brought up in Bournville, I always considered Cadbury's one of the best and most traditional of British firms, a beacon of industry to be proud of. Not any more, since it was taken over by the pernicious and soulless Kraft. This latest nasty bit of business sums up the management attitude. Pay the executives obscene salaries, whilst thumbing your nose at people who have done more for the company than Kraft's pitiful management ever will. Time to boycott Kraft's desperately poor products I think.

Steve Courtenay Egypt Arab Spring eh, promoted by the UK and USA? Let's give them democracy,eh? Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria. What is the common link? They are all Muslim states and the don't do democracy. They all need harsh dictators (like Saudi) and that is the only way they can live together.

Dave Pickup Not strictly true, Dave. Preinvasion Iraq was a Muslim state and they had a long war with Iran. Both had strong leaders and dispute that they could not live peacefully together.

Paul Pann Unfortunately, Paul, Dave has a point. Post-invasion Iraq is a Muslim state. Democracy was imposed on Iraq by the West as it was in Afghanistan, but it's an alien concept to Islam and there are no self-generated Islamic true democratic countries..

David Wilton Oprah Winfrey racism claim This article is a purely one-sided view without the assistant's point of view. I suspect Ms Winfrey may have been outraged that someone didn't recognise such a wonderful, iconic, saintly person as herself and bow.

Gordon Grimley
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Date:Aug 17, 2013
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