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Expect and demand more

Even before the 2005 Holiday Bowl ended I had thought about my expectations and found that other than wins, the team met my expectations.

Then I read Rob Moseley's story on Jan. 3 and didn't like coach Mike Bellotti's comment that, "They are a group of overachievers."

I don't think that's right. I do think this team achieved to the level of what their talents, abilities, skills and leadership were. In fact, I include the coaching staff as well. Kellen Clemens became the QB we had hoped for, Terrence Whitehead and Demetrius Williams took on roles we had expected from them in the previous season and the offensive line worked hard all season to improve and come together as a unit.

Coaches Steve Greatwood and Neal Zoumboukos did a fantastic job of making big transitions and provided a great example for the team and the rest of the staff. I can't say enough about the defense and its improvement over the season.

Coach Bellotti, it's time to expect and demand more from your players. It should start with this year's junior and sophomore classes and will carry down to the younger players. I think you'll be surprised how well they will handle it.

Thank you Ducks for the best season of Oregon football in my lifetime. The growth of these fine young men was a pleasure to watch.



QB switch cost Ducks

Here I sit. A loyal Duck fan with some type of hope that just once, just maybe once Oregon will be able to defeat a quality opponent.

Oklahoma, coming off a disappointing season at 7-4, is still a national football powerhouse. They are young this year and start several redshirt freshmen, true freshmen and sophomores. But we are 10-1, our only loss coming to USC. Do we have a legitimate chance to beat the Sooners?

No! Oklahoma may be down this year, but they are still one of the fastest, if not the fastest, teams in all college football. And after the Ducks go up 7-3 on an 80-yard drive, we have some momentum.

But what does Mike Bellotti do? He takes out Dennis Dixon and replaces him with a slow Brady Leaf. I like Brady Leaf. But not against Oklahoma. I sit here now, fourth quarter and we have the ball on our 1-yard line, down 17-7.

Does quarterback rhythm sound familiar or important? Bellotti destroyed it in the first half. We lose again because of a coach who is not tough enough to make a stand and do what is right for the team. Go to the NFL, Bellotti. We at Oregon will never win a national championship as long as you are the head coach!



New blood wanted here

Come on Duck fans, how about some inspired new coaches for the good of the football team?


La Pine


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