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It's past time to move

Let me begin by saying I have never personally met any of the following individuals mentioned. I am a lifelong, third-generation Californian who loves the University of Oregon since my son attended that school.

I love Ernie Kent, Mike Bellotti, Bill Moos, the Pre Classic. ... I have attended football games when Oregon beat Michigan, and beat Colorado with Joey, and basketball games in the era of Freddie and the Lukes. My son received a great education and met lifelong friends in Eugene.

Here is my problem: What is wrong with the current group in control of Oregon athletics? You have an alum(s) group willing to contribute $130 million toward a new basketball arena and you sit paralyzed.

Mac Court is wonderful for the select 2,000 who sit in the lower section. It is an archaic, dilapidated, antiquated armpit for the other 7,000 people. The end zone has obstructed views if you are behind a pillar; second- and third-balcony corners do not allow full view of the court.

The year is 2005 and this is the worst college gym in America, an eyesore and embarrassment and a major handicap in recruiting.

Please allow common sense to prevail and embrace the fortuitous dynamics of generous alums, the Williams' Bakery location, Ernie Kent's quality and class, Bill Moos' leadership and pull the trigger. Build a 21st century facility, allow Ernie to recruit against anyone, and take a chance on greatness.

It is time for action.


Linden, Calif.

Baffled by coaches

After seeing the picks for the Midwestern League MVP and first, second and third team, I feel I need to send this letter.

My concern is how these young men and women are chosen. I have contacted the OSAA and have been told they base their decision solely on a point system.

After contacting other coaches in nearby districts, they say they base their picks on stats, grades, community involvement and overall performance. The Midwestern League shows no consistency in how they choose their nominees.

I believe the Midwestern League coaches owe it to the players of our league to have some sort of organization or criteria to at least be a nominee.

I attended school in Portland, and as far as I can remember, the school that won district is the school who received the MVP unless someone was just really outstanding.

It seems to me that here in Eugene the coaches just pick based on who they like personally.

If the coaches of the Midwestern League have a protocol for the decisions they make, I sure would like to know what it is.

I understand there can only be so many who are chosen for these awards and there will always be those who are disappointed that they do not get what they deserve, but if we had some reason or explanation as to why the decisions were made it would be easier to accept.

From my understanding when the MWL picks for these awards there is no conversation, no stats, nothing. Those of us who are left reading the results sometimes can not understand what the MWL is trying to say.



Coaches slight South

How does a team that is 15-1 in the Midwestern League end up not having the MVP of the league, the coach has to split coach of the year title, and only one person from that team on first team?

Some of us are scratching our heads and thinking, how does a team that is 7-9 in league have the MVP? Yes, the MVP should be about an individual player, but it should be an all-around player by which their stats along with how they have helped their team is used to determine who is the MVP.

There are no criteria used to determine who the MVP is in the Midwestern League. No stats are used. No conversation is made amongst coaches to even question their selection. If you do not have any criteria on what you base your selection, how do you know you are picking the best athlete?

JR Morgan deserved at least a real consideration. He has good grades, is a good young man, and has the stats to back the nomination.

But he was not really considered. How does that happen? His stats this year are even better then last.

His team has made it to state under his watch two years in a row, and they may make it this year also.

South placed fifth overall at state last year. We won more games this year then last in league.

We can question and ask for changes, or you can sit back and let the Good Old Boys System continue without anyone being held accountable.

Please stand with me. Call your coaches. Call the OSAA. Call your schools superintendent. Ask for accountability.



UO women deserve more

Finally there is a women's basketball headline in Sunday's paper. However it surely does not make up for the snubs of the past week and indeed the entire season.

For example, take the last women's home game. It was a crucial game against Arizona. Women's basketball fans knew the ramifications. Not only that, it was the three seniors' final home game. Three seniors who made amazing contributions to the team.

All of them in the top 10 in one if not several statistics for Oregon women's basketball. To top that, Corrie Misuzawa was No. 2 in the nation in assists.

Where was the pregame article? There was a very short front page column in the bottom left hand side with no headline about it being the seniors' final home game, nothing about their accolades.

To rub salt into the wound, the lead article, including a huge photo, was of a former Oregon player.

The articles about this weekend's games were the same old story. Men's game gets the headlines. The inside headline of that article said something about honoring team managers and a game official!

On the front page, the women get two bottom right-hand columns with men and boys sports taking up the rest of the page.

And Ron Bellamy's columns. I remember only one column that had anything to do with women's basketball this season. It is boring to read column after column of rehashed stories about the men's team and players.

This is the 21st century. Title IX should be old news. Gender equity in sports coverage seems to be lacking in The Register-Guard.



Crowton welcome

I enjoyed reading Rob Moseley's `Family Plan,' the story on new offensive coordinator Gary Crowton. As a Mormon kid from Oregon, I grew up rooting for my grandpa's alma mater, the University of Oregon, rather than for Brigham Young University. (Those duels between Bill Musgrave and Ty Detmer were classic!)

Even after attending and graduating from BYU, I'm oddly still a much bigger Duck fan than a Cougar fan.

I had a front-row seat to coach Crowton's treatment at BYU. Unfortunately, unrealistic expectations and subpar talent led to a rather short tenure and a hasty departure from BYU. But one school's misfortune is another's boon: I'm anxious to see him work at Oregon.

I believe his unique offensive game plans and contagious upbeat attitude will certainly be a great benefit to the Ducks.


American Fork, Utah
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