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OSU fans have patience

I'm not an OSU alum, but unlike a few fans, I am a Beaver believer.

I have supported football facility construction and attended practice regularly during the past eight years and have enjoyed the Riley-Erickson-Riley era with the turnaround in Beaver fortunes and the superb coaching by these men and their loyal and knowledgeable assistants.

Yes, I too, along with the players and coaches, am disappointed that OSU is 1-4 and felt that the Beavers played well enough to win one or two games. However, we must recognize the difficulty of the schedule. Playing Boise State and LSU on the road is hardly equivalent to playing Eastern Washington, New Mexico State, Nevada, Idaho or UTEP at home.

The four losses the Beavers incurred were to teams in the Top 25 nationally with a combined record of 17-3.

Also consider these factors:

OSU began the season with two sophomores and freshmen on the offensive line and only one proven receiver, a walk-on.

New special teams performers had to be developed.

On the trip to Boise, of the 72-man travel squad, 23 were freshmen and six others had never played a down of Division I football.

There are currently only 11 seniors on the two-deep roster, with only four seniors starting on each side of the ball.

Beavers fans have patience: Our special teams are already improved and penalties are down almost 30 percent, and coach Riley is an acknowledged recruiter. Only this year's true freshmen are his recruits, and the coaches are working hard to improve the team speed on offense over the next few years.



The forgotten fullback

It took only 4 1/2 games before our Duck football team decided to use one of the very best offensive weapons they have, Tim Day. This guy may be the best of the many fine tight ends who have played for the Ducks, and I don't think there's a doubt that he could go pro next year instead of finishing as a senior, and that he would go high in the draft.

There is another player who could be helping the Ducks much more than he is if given the chance: Dante Rosario, Oregon's 250-pound fullback. I cringe every time I see the Ducks use a quarterback sneak or short-yardage pass play on third-and-one or fourth-and-a-foot. This fullback never seems to carry the ball and he has good hands, as proven by his pass catching.



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