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Byline: The Register-Guard

Bravo to UO

As a University of Oregon alum and football letter-winner, I would like to express my pride in the manner which vice president Dan Williams, athletic director Bill Moos and head football coach Mike Bellotti handled the recent football recruiting violations committed by an Oregon assistant coach.

Rather than feeling shame or revulsion at this violation, it was good to see an example of institutional control, something that is designed to maintain the integrity of big-time athletic programs. Perhaps our good friends in Seattle may use this as a good example for their own organization.

It was also hard not to miss the obvious disappointment of the various news media reporting on the situation (including The Register-Guard) in finding that the university had already investigated, reported and took action by the time you came on the scene. In this case, it was refreshing to see the media merely report the news, rather than create it, which seems to be the current trend.

As for the assistant coach involved, what do you say about someone who admits, "I did it, it was against the rules, I shouldn't have done it, I take full responsibility and give no excuse"? If things don't work out in football, maybe he could be a politician. They could use a role model in that area.



Women deserve coverage

I have had many concerns over the past few years about the ongoing lack of respect for the U of O women's basketball program from The Register-Guard. The picture of Andre Joseph at the Oregon girls basketball camp on the front page of the community section (Register-Guard, June 17) has made it too difficult to not voice my displeasure and disgust.

I am certain at least 10 or more members of the women's basketball team were working at this camp, so why not have a picture of them with the campers? It seems The Register-Guard goes out of its way to not give this group of young women and their coaches the respect and support they deserve from their hometown newspaper.

I believe Bev Smith's induction into the women's basketball hall of fame was the best-kept secret in Eugene. The Register-Guard ran a very limited news release from the UO athletic department on the back page of Sunday's sports section. Both The Register-Guard and UO athletic department have hit an all-time low with how this story was handled. Bev Smith deserves better from the athletic department and The Register-Guard.

I am sure fans of women's sports would like to read more about softball coach Kathy Arendsen's induction into the International Softball Hall of Fame in November and senior associate athletic director Renee Baumgartner's induction into the Golf Coaches Hall of Fame last January.

For all of us UO women's basketball fans, we are privileged to watch and know the members of the team and the coaching staff. They are a fine group of people, and those who choose to ignore their accomplishments and what they bring to this community are missing out on a great opportunity.


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Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Jul 11, 2004
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