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Byline: The Register-Guard

New arena, old magic

Mac Court is the second-oldest basketball pavilion in the country and, at 77 years old, needs to be replaced. It's that simple, or is it?

The magic, fans and atmosphere that are so special at the "The Pit" make it a difficult decision. Then add in the politics, financing and the pavilion itself and we have created a difficult task.

To the donors and Jim Bartko, who can make this investment come true, rethink the floor plans. Bring down the cost of Knight Pavilion and design a pavilion that fits the personality of Mac Court and Autzen Stadium, but removes obstructive views and allows the Pit Crew to stand without obstructing the views from the reserved seats behind them.

Just remember the comments made by the announcers at the last two broadcasts by ESPN during the NIT run at Mac Court and find a way to make it happen in a new facility.

To those opposed to the new facility: Rethink your stand. Mac Court is a building that needs to be replaced, and to have others pay most of the price makes the balance a great investment and allows other funds to be directed to academics in the future.



Congratulations, Andre

As a basketball fan from Houston, I would like to commend Andre Joseph for his accomplishments since leaving the Houston area after a stay at Lee College.

Andre attended Klein Forest High School for a while in Houston and played on the varsity. He was between my oldest and youngest sons on the basketball team, and I've watched him during several games.

I've seen his very competitive nature and know he's had some trials and tribulations during his career. I was so moved by your article about him taking 22 hours in order to graduate, although in a later article he fell short by one sociology class, and said that he will take it again this semester.

He's friends with Charles Gaines (Southern Mississippi), a kid from my subdivision, and it's wonderful to see the both of them graduating from college, made possible through their basketball talents.



Honor the legacy

I am a senior in high school and have had the privilege of experiencing the athletes who have gone through Oregon's programs the past 17 years. I forever will remember the magic that Joey Harrington created in Autzen Stadium, marching his troops up and down the field to a victory.

Recently, I have watched Luke Jackson display one of the greatest athletic performances in the university's history, but it wasn't a one-time thing.

Luke and Joey, in every contest through their years at Oregon, played like gods above everyone else. Watching them play seemed like they were in slow motion, a different realm or state of mind making them athletes who need to be remembered.

The emphasis of my letter is to encourage the retiring of jerseys of the greats who have passed through our programs and touched our lives. In my era, Luke and Joey have become heroes to many, and why not celebrate their contribution to our athletic programs and to our community?

I would love to see No. 33 hanging in Mac Court and No. 3 hanging at Autzen Stadium next to all the other athletes before my time who need to be remembered.

It is just a small token of our appreciation to the legacies they created while in an Oregon uniform.

Well, Mr. Moos, what do you think? It's all about leaving a legacy.


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Date:Apr 4, 2004
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