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Byline: The Register-Guard

No more easy targets

OK, so who do I hate now?

Now that Rick Neuheisel is gone, the Duck-Husky rivalry has been set back at LEAST 10 years. The fake-punt golden boy was the best thing that ever happened for Oregon-Washington hatred, and now that the rosy-cheeked one we loved to hate is gone, I have an empty feeling inside.

After all the antics of Slick Rick, I'm sorry, I just can't get a feel for someone named "Gilby." And how am I supposed to invest in a long-term deep-seated emotional hatred for someone with the moniker "interim" next to his name?

Couple that with what has happened to the rest of the league, and you can see how bad it is. Erickson is gone to the NFL and although his replacement, Mike Riley, has potential, he still shows telltale signs of being a nice guy.

Price is gone at Wazzu, and most Ducks kind of liked him anyway. The Northwest is in shambles! The rest of the Pac-10 is no better.

Ex-Ducks reside at Cal and ASU; UCLA and Stanford are unknown quantities; and Arizona would have promise, but Mackovic is so pathetic you're forced to feel sorry for that program. That leaves USC and the coach with the "poodle cut" that does fit the bill, but we don't play them for the next two years!

This is getting serious!

Washington AD Barbara Hedges and the NCAA have to give Rick one more chance for the good of football rivalries everywhere.


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Date:Jun 15, 2003
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