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SOS on high street; yourletters.


I FEEL sorry for the people who have lost their jobs at Jessops and all those facing redundancy at Honda and possibly HMV.

Not only do they have financial worries to deal with, no doubt they'll also have Iain Duncan Smith berating them as workshy skivers.

I hope members of this ConDem Coalition are proud of the way their shabby policies are causing untold misery to millions.

If David Cameron is serious about creating jobs and as big corporations don't seem to like paying tax, could he not find a way to give tax breaks to companies that bring outsourced jobs back home again? Arthur Wood, Leeds ? VINCE Cable has stated it's not the Government's responsibility to sort out the problems of competition on the high street or to prevent job losses like those that might go at HMV. Vince, you and your cronies are a disgrace. The Government's job is to look after everyone's interests, not choose who they bail out and who they let go to the wall.

And isn't it your Coalition partners who preach that competition is the best way to bring down costs and provide more employment? John Irving, Leeds ? THE high street is suffering from a peacetime blitz. Shopping centres are deteriorating into boarded-up ghost towns and whole sections of our society are under attack because of failed economic policies.

We need a plan for our high streets and for our ailing economy. And we also need a leader with credibility because at the moment we are under attack from our own Government.

Shaun Shute, Gloucester ? ON the news that Blockbuster is to join the ever-growing list of businesses going into administration, you have to congratulate the amazing job the ConDems are doing.

The working class are worse off and if things keep on going at this rate, there will be no high street shops left to spend our hard-earned cash in. Unless you want something for a pound, that is!

Chris Shaw, St Helens, Merseyside ? TO the people about to lose their jobs at Jessops, Honda and perhaps HMV, make sure your curtains are open before 9am or you will be classed as a scrounger by the Government. We expect this from the Conservatives, but the LibDems should hang their heads in shame.

Pete Grattage, Stoke ? WITH HMV stores facing closure, I will be at a loss as to how to reward my autistic son for good behaviour. He loves music and it was a wonderful shop for him to visit.

If HMV closes, our Saturdays won't be the same because downloading music on to a computer is not visual enough for him. The song said "video killed the radio star", but today computers and cheap downloads are killing off HMV, which is a shame.

Moira Hook, Ingatestone, Essex ? IT'S little wonder that the high street is in steep decline when my utility firm has just announced it is increasing its prices by more than PS250 a year. They are sucking money out of the economy.

G Rollins, Newark, Notts The BIG issue THE high street crisis worsened after Jessops, Blockbuster and HMV went into administration this month. Over 200,000 retail jobs have been lost since the start of the banking crisis in 2007. You say the Government must stop the rot...
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 18, 2013
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