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 BOSTON, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronic Publishing Company today announced partnership agreements with five information publishers for co-development and co-publishing activities involving CD-ROM-based multimedia software products. The publishers are:
 -- Houghton Mifflin Co. (Boston), a leading publisher of textbooks
 and educational materials for school and college markets, and of
 reference, fiction and nonfiction publications for all ages;
 -- Interactive Media Communication (Waltham, Mass.), a publisher of
 multimedia health, safety and environmental training programs for
 -- IVI Publishing Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.), a publisher of
 healthcare and medical multimedia titles;
 -- MindBank, Inc. (Ingomar, Pa.), creator/publisher of videodisc
 courseware for professionals;
 -- Wilson Learning Corporation (Eden Prairie, Minn.), a worldwide
 provider of seminars, research, management and sales-training,
 and videodisc training materials for companies of all industries.
 The partnerships are based on agreements to share design, development and marketing responsibilities on a range of titles intended for markets such as health, education and personal and professional development.
 Some titles are expected to be released by year end, with later titles expected as soon as February, 1994.
 Facilitating Market Success
 "These companies represent a wealth of publishing experience and source materials and Sony Electronic Publishing is pleased to help in a number of ways -- from co-development to facilitating license agreements -- in bringing new products to market," said Rick Fisher, general manager of Sony Electronic Publishing's Publishers Data Service Corporation division.
 "We expect that most or all of the partnerships will result in multiple titles over the coming months and years," said Fisher.
 Some titles, such as those from Wilson Learning, MindBank and Interactive Media Communications, will consist of products that have been re-engineered from best-selling videodisc to CD-ROM platforms. Later titles will involve substantial original material. Titles re- engineered for CD-ROM are expected to prove highly successful in a new market segment that Wilson Learning calls personal and professional development.
 "We are entering a new era where the personal computer can become an effective new vehicle for learning," said David Ehlen, CEO of Wilson Learning. "Thanks to CD-ROM technologies widely available to individuals, professionals and small businesses, millions of people have the opportunity for 'personal classroom' experience. They can learn from highly interactive video simulations just what they need, and when and where they need it."
 Initial titles are:
 -- "GET IN TOUCH: Building and Keeping Interpersonal
 Relationships," from Wilson Learning: the participant learns
 interpersonal skills for developing and maintaining rapport,
 listening to others, displaying sensitivity, eliciting ideas and
 feelings, and presenting feedback;
 -- "Name Game," from MindBank: the viewer learns name-recognition
 techniques while playing a role in solving an interactive mystery;
 -- "First Aid Basics: A Family Primer," from Interactive Media
 Communications: contains comprehensive first-aid information for
 adults, children, and infants.
 The two remaining partnership^s will produce titles requiring substantially greater original development: an example is publisher Houghton Mifflin's "The Challenge of Democracy," incorporating the popular college textbook and including video to supplement the book.
 The fifth partner, IVI Publishing, has worked with Sony Electronic Publishing on "Mayo Clinic Family Health Book" and "Mayo Clinic--The Total Heart." For both discs, IVI used Sony Electronic Publishing's Full Text Retrieval authoring tool set. Future projects are being negotiated.
 Bringing Value to Markets
 "Overall, these partners bring to Sony Electronic Publishing what we consider the key criteria to successful multimedia product development and marketing," said Bob Hurley, vice president of Media and Software Services for Sony Electronic Publishing. "They are experts in their fields, with substantial existing intellectual properties; they are targeting strong new and traditional multimedia markets, and their products have real, redeeming social value. Sony Electronic Publishing is proud to be a partner in their development and marketing activities."
 Sony Electronic Publishing Company creates, produces and distributes interactive and multimedia software products for international business, entertainment and educational markets.
 The company is headquartered in New York, with operating divisions in Los Angeles, Monterey and San Jose, Calif.; Nashua, N.H. Columbia, Md.; and Terre Haute, Ind. Sony Electronic Publishing, together with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment, is a subsidiary of Sony Software Corporation, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America (NYSE: SNE).
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