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Digital camera

Price: US$899 retail

* The Good

Optics from proven lens maker Carl Zeiss allow for precise focus and clearer, sharper images, even in extreme close-ups. Standard USB connection makes downloading painless and brainless-no special software. For the price,3.3 mega pixels is as good as it gets. And the Cyber-Shot allows for Tiff-format images, the standard in publishing.

* The Bad

No flash memory, so you're stuck using Sony's expensive proprietary Memory Sticks, At high resolution, we're talking 40 shots per stick at $125 each. Also, no viewfinder.

* Who Should Buy

"Prosumers" and photo nuts who like control and quality but don't have $5,000 to drop on bleeding-edge gear.

* Who Should Not

Want to send vacation pics by e-mail? A $200 entry-level camera will do just fine.
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Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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