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Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. has launched "Rise To Honor", an action combat game inspired by the cinematic style of the Hong Kong movie genre, developed exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. One of the first PlayStation2 games created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment America's Foster City, Calif. Studios, "Rise To Honor" features the martial arts style and voice talent of the world-renown film star and legendary martial artist, Jet Li. Cory Yuen, the highly acclaimed action director who has collaborated with Li on numerous films, assisted with the development and creative processes of the game, helping to make "Rise To Honor" the most cinematic, authentic martial arts action game available on the market.

"I love the stories that motion pictures tell, but video games are able to take that story a step further by allowing players to experience the action first-hand, playing as me instead of just observing the action," Jet Li said. "I enjoyed the opportunity to help bring 'Rise To Honor' to life, a process that allowed me to develop a newfound appreciation for the hard work that goes into the development of a videogame."

By utilizing motion capture technology to incorporate Jet Li's signature moves and the action of up to six additional martial arts professionals on the set at one time, Rise To Honor brings a higher level of realism and authenticity to the action genre. Staying true to Li's unmatched fighting style, Rise To Honor introduces a unique 360-degree fight system -- a style inherent to the Hong Kong action film genre.

This system inserts players at the core of fight sequences with the ability to take on multiple enemies in any direction without reorienting the player. The innovative fighting structure uses a dual-analog control scheme. The left stick is used to move the player in the environment while the attacks are executed through strategically tapping the right analog stick in the direction of the enemies. Forgoing a dedicated punch or kick button implemented in traditional fighting games, Rise to Honor uses this method to retain the look of Jet Li's fighting style while leaving it up to the player to decide how best to approach the fighting scenarios.

Directed in association with Cory Yuen, these sequences include combos, counter moves and adrenaline-enhanced super strikes that were achieved working with wires and an expert stunt team. The majority of the gameplay in Rise to Honor is hand-to-hand fighting with the ability to creatively interact with environments, using contextual actions such as "wall run" near a wall or "pick up" chairs and wield stick weapons to fend off and attack enemies. Intense gunplay, single and double-stick weapon attacks, as well as single-player collaborative fighting with the female character, Michelle, adds variety to the fast-paced gameplay.

"When we teamed up with Jet Li and Cory Yuen, it was important to the Foster City Studios to create a game that lived up to their reputation and standards, as well as our own. With 'Rise To Honor', we've done just that, and are very proud that it represents our first internally developed release for PlayStation2," said Jim Wallace, associate director of product development, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Rise to Honor producer. "For the first time, you don't need a black belt or a Hollywood agent to be an on-screen martial arts star -- you just need a PlayStation2."

The origins of Rise To Honor began three years ago when Wallace and his international production team at Foster City Studios began working on a martial arts game that drew inspiration from Hong Kong action films, many of which were Jet Li's. In a twist of irony, Li was looking to get involved with a videogame at the same time.

Li's first platform of choice was PlayStation2, and when his manager called Sony Computer Entertainment America to inquire about the possibility of presenting a game idea, they learned about "Rise to Honor", which was already in development, and agreed it was the perfect fit. He met with the team, eagerly signed on to the project and called his good friend, Yuen, in hopes of extending the partnership. Foster City Studios, Li and Yuen immediately began collaborating and from there, the game's plotline began to take shape.

Rise To Honor follows the story of Kit Yun (Jet Li), the trusted bodyguard of Boss Chiang, the leader of one of Hong Kong's crime gangs. As Chiang is assassinated, he whispers his dying wish to Kit -- to deliver an important message to Chiang's estranged daughter, Michelle, in San Francisco. By fulfilling this wish, Kit embarks on a quest, which takes him through 11 action-packed worlds set in thriving metropolises where dramatic camera angles and cinematic animations enhance the world of martial arts. In a story where danger lurks around every turn, Kit Yun's greatest struggle will be between his conflicting sense of duty and honor.

"We were thrilled when we learned that Jet wanted to collaborate on this project; his creative input on Rise To Honor helped us achieve our vision of merging the worlds of motion picture and videogames," said Ami Blaire, director of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America. "This is an excellent game that will give fans of the Hong Kong genre a new opportunity to live and play as a martial arts action hero."

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated "Rise To Honor", "T" for Teen. For more information about the ESRB visit

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