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Sonera SmartTrust Ltd., the leading provider of security solutions for wireless e-commerce based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), has developed a solution for issuing mobile certificates for PC/Internet and set-top boxes/digital television.

Patents for the technology are pending in the USA.

Sonera SmartTrust's converging technology provides customers a means to use an already issued and certified mobile identity to create other identities for other PKI based applications. This will create a convergence for secure e-commerce with wireless devices, PCs and the Internet, set-top boxes and digital television. The technology functions with any certification platform or system - it provides a new distribution channel for all major Certification Authorities and technologies.

Consumers today are both confused and irritated by multiple user codes and passwords used only in limited context. From the customer's point of view, using a single mobile identity for creating multiple electronic identities with one certificate ensures the necessary convenience and ease-of-use.

"The potential of this new solution is enormous. It does not limit secure e-commerce to wireless devices, now it will be possible to conduct any transactions that require maximum security in almost any device that consumers have at their disposal. This will bring secure e-commerce to every PC, the Internet, set-top-boxes and digital television. Value-added services such as secure banking, stock trading and other personalized services, which require a high level of security and privacy, may now be used with only one single certificate and digital signature," said Harri Vatanen, CEO and president of Sonera SmartTrust Ltd. "The new secure e-commerce business model is now complete. Consumers will be able to do legally binding, completely private, encrypted and secure transactions between all parties with almost any device at their disposal. The trust, which this solution is going to build between consumers and service providers, will unleash the potential of global e-commerce."

The advantages of this technology are clear. The solution can be used with current Internet certificate based applications. It eliminates the hassle associated with traditional physical or virtual certification. The method has the ability to increase anonymity and privacy but most importantly, however, identification is no longer location dependent on existing applications.

The new Sonera SmartTrust solution has been tested against Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) application together with Philip Zimmermann, the creator of PGP. Pretty Good Privacy is the most widely used software in the world for the encryption of electronic mail. The software uses public key cryptography to let you communicate securely with people you've never met, without the prior exchange of keys over secure channels.

"Sonera has developed a solution that allows millions of PGP users to have their PGP keys reliably signed by widely-trusted Certificate Authorities, with very little extra work by the users. This will accelerate the already global penetration of the PGP PKI", said Philip Zimmermann the creator of PGP.

Sonera SmartTrust was the first in the world to develop secure digital signature technology for wireless networks based on the SIM card of a mobile phone in 1999. SmartTrust`s interoperable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, 1024 bit RSA algorithm for encryption and digital signature solution enables users to conduct their business securely via mobile communication networks.

The Sonera SmartTrust innovation includes an advanced, patented technology, which uses mobile communication media to digitally sign transactions, contracts and messages. This enables the service provider to identify the customer accurately and encrypt the content of messages. The technology is compatible with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), the current GSM standard and the future generations of mobile communication networks. The solution is also independent of operators, SIM card and telephone manufacturers. Now this technology is available for PC`s and set-top boxes as well.

About Sonera SmartTrust

Sonera SmartTrust Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sonera, is a global leader in wireless e-commerce services and solutions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). More information on Sonera SmartTrust to be found at

About Sonera

Sonera Corporation (HEX: SRA, NASDAQ: SNRA) is an international forerunner in mobile communications and mobile-based services and applications. By combining its expertise in mobile communications, the Internet and service provision, Sonera aims to develop into a global communications operator and provider of transaction and content services. In 1999, Sonera's revenues amounted to EUR 1.85 billion and profit before extraordinary items and taxes was EUR 0.5 billion. For more information, visit or call 212-885-0660.
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