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Byline: Keith Marder Daily News Television Writer

If you want to watch something, anything, you usually can find it on cable.

Want news at 3 a.m.? Try CNN, Headline News, MSNBC or the Fox News Channel.

How about sports? Do you dig sports? Just tune into ESPN, ESPN2, CNN-SI, Fox Sports West or Fox Sports West II, or the best channel on television - The Classic Sports Network.

There is the TV Food Network for those who like to cook, channels that you can shop on, E! Entertainment Television for the Hollywood fanatics, Comedy Central if you need a laugh, MTV and VH1 for the music lover in you.

It's like those old spaghetti sauce commercials: No matter what you're looking for ``It's in there.''

Below is a look at what some of the major channels will show us in the upcoming months:


What you'll find there: Entertaining art, high-brow programming and great documentaries.

Things that people who say they don't like TV will find there: Specials include the North American premiere of ``Jayne Eyre'' in October, ``Gershwin on Ice'' on Sept. 28, ``The Art of Russian Skating'' on Oct. 19 and ``The Girl in the Photograph,'' which will tell the story of Kim Phuc, the 9-year-old girl from the infamous Vietnam War photo, who was running through her village naked with napalm burns.

A new weekly series, ``Open Book,'' premieres Oct. 5. The show will feature interviews with best-selling authors, recommend books, provide suggested readings and highlight recently released movies based on books.

A major ``Biography'' miniseries, ``Hail, Caesar!'' will run Oct. 5-10.

The parts are ``Julius Caesar,'' ``Augustus,'' ``Nero,'' ``Hadrian,'' ``Constantine'' and ``Justinian.''

Other stories in the ``Biography,'' series will be ``Napoleon and Wellington'' (Oct. 12), ``Queen Victoria: Royal Family Values'' (Oct. 3), ``Vincent Price: The Versatile Villain'' (Oct. 13), ``Julia Child: An Appetite for Life'' (Oct. 14), ``Kirk Douglas'' (Oct. 16), ``Mia Farrow: A Life of Drama'' (Oct. 17), ``Gloria Vanderbilt: An Heir of Style'' (Oct. 27) and ``Oliver North: Beyond the Call of Duty'' (Oct. 29).

American Movie Classics

What you'll find there: Classic American movies and some quality series.

Things film-o-cinephiles will look forward to: The fifth annual Film Preservation Festival dedicated to classic suspense (Oct. 3-5). It will feature an hourlong special, ``AMC Salute to Film Noir,' and a day of Alfred Hitchcock masterpieces including ``Vertigo,'' ``Notorious,'' Rebecca'' and ``Spellbound.''

AMC also will present several other special events. There will be the Frank Capra Festival (Sept. 23-24) which will feature ``Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'' and ``Meet John Doe.''

As for series, ``Remember WENN'' is back for its third season and will boast Jason Alexander as a guest star.

New weekly series ``Family Classics,'' hosted by Shirley Jones, and ``Film Preservation Classics,'' hosted by Debbie Reynolds join the lineup.

Black Entertainment Television

What you'll find there: Entertainment, music and sports aimed at an African-American audience.

Things to look forward to: News, talk and business programming. Music video shows, such as the well-known ``Rap City,'' ``Midnight Love,'' ``Caribbean Rhythms'' and ``Planet Groove.'' Reruns of ``Benson'' and ``Thea,'' plus a stand-up comedy show, ``Comicview.''

Cartoon Network

What you'll find there: Cartoons, silly.

Things animaniacs will look forward to: A ``Scooby Doo Marathon (Oct. 25), a Scooby Doo movie week (Oct. 27-31) and original programs such as ``Johnny Bravo,'' ``Cow & Chicken,'' ``Dexter's Laboratory,'' ``Super Chunk,'' ``The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest'' and the only animated, and possibly funniest, late-night talk-show host on this or any planet, Space Ghost in ``Space Ghost Coast to Coast.''

CBS Eye on People

What you'll find there: Real stories about real people who do extraordinary stuff.

What the rest of us will find there: Original series include ``Final Cut,'' longer-form interviews from the CBS news department, which have aired on other shows, in an unedited form; ``I Witness,'' in which young video journalists do in-depth stories; ``60 Minutes More,'' an expanded version of the granddaddy of all newsmagazines; and the Kuraltian ``Travels With Harry,'' hosted by Harry Smith.

Classic Sports Network

What you'll find there: Memories for any sports fan worth his salty chips.

Things that people who think all athletes today are overpaid crybabies will look forward to: You can see anything here from the old-time ``Home Run Derby,'' (Does Willie Mays vs. Mickey Mantle mean anything to you?) to great tennis matches, golf matches, college and pro basketball (look out, fans of the ABA) games, fights, football, hockey, analysis by former New York Knick Walt Frazier, the smoothest, glibbest player ever. Some big names host nights on the channel.

This year, ``The Joe Namath Show,'' was added. Namath, the stylish quarterback of the New York Jets, who knew how to back up his boasts (guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory when his Jets were decided underdogs and his book title, ``I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow Because I Get Better Looking Every Day''), had a television show in 1969 where he and Dick Schaap would welcome two guests (one from the world of sports, the other an entertainer). The conversation is wacky, and Namath said he was drunk for every show.

Comedy Central

What you'll find there: Funny people doing funny stuff.

Things people who like to laugh will find there: The funniest series on television, the animated ``South Park,'' already has debuted, as have new game shows, an update of ``Make Me Laugh'' and ``Win Ben Stein's Money.''

Country Music Television

What you'll find there: MTV for the two-stepping set.

Things good ol' boys and girls will look forward to: Country videos, nothing but country videos.

E! Entertainment Television


What you'll find there: Gossipy and fun coverage of the world of entertainment.

Things star stalkers will look forward to: As usual, E! will bring viewers to awards shows and film festivals, offer advice on fashion, run its own version of news, plus Howard Stern's radio show and ``Melrose Place.''

A few upcoming specials are ``Love Hollywood Style'' (Sept. 19), about celebrities in love, and ``Emmy Awards Fashion Review '97'' (Sept. 20), starring who else but Joan Rivers and her trusty sidekick/daughter, Melissa. ``Jim Carrey: Celebrity Profile'' will be shown on Sept. 29.


What you'll find there: Sports, sports and more sports.

Things for armchair quarterbacks to look forward to: ESPN will continue coverage of live sporting events, including NFL and college football games, some of the major league baseball, auto racing, horse racing, soccer, golf and tennis playoffs before winter, when it will return its Winter X Games and ESPY Awards. ESPN is also the best place to find a recap of the day's sporting events in the award-winning ``SportsCenter,'' which to many is must-see TV.


What you'll find there: ESPN's hipper sibling, which adds emerging sports.

Things those who do will find there: The Deuce as it's called, is scecond call on live events. It has virtually everything ESPN does, but with a harder edge, including NBA and NHL recap shows and is second call on live events. The Deuce will show 77 NHL games, beginning Oct. 3 from Tokyo, where the Anaheim Mighty Ducks will play the Vancouver Canucks. It also shows more motor sports, women's college basketball and no National Football League games.

The Family Channel

What you'll find there: Programming with focus on moral and family values, plus ``The Three Stooges,'' ``Hawaii 5-0,'' ``Carol Burnett & Friends'' and game shows.

Things people who find positive messages in ``The Three Stooges,'' will look forward to: One of their biggest events is a biopic, ``Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor'' (Oct. 5), which was filmed in Sri Lanka, and ``Mary Higgins Clark's Let Me Call You Sweetheart'' (Oct. 26). The season kicks off Sept. 28 with ``Married to a Stranger,'' starring Jaclyn Smith.

Original daytime programs are: ``Home & Family,'' ``The New Shop Till You Drop'' and ``Shopping Spree.''


What you'll find there: A basic cable station that covers everything from rogue cops to science fiction to collectibles.

Things people with eclectic tastes will look forward to: The two biggest additions to the station this year are syndicated repeats of ``NYPD Blue'' and ``The X-Files.''

They will join established series such as ``Personal fX: The Collectibles Show''; ``Backchat,'' which consists of celebrity interviews and is hosted by Jane Fergus; ``The Pet Department''; ``The Supercollectors''; ``Home fX''; game show ``No Relation''; and documentary series ``Lost & Found,'' which brings together long-lost friends.

NCAA college football, including Pac 10 games, and men's and women's basketball will be part of the sports highlights on fX.


What you'll find there: Movies good enough for the theaters, movies that have been shown in theaters, sports and the best series on television.

Things that people who like Emmy Award-winning programs will look forward to: Another season of ``The Larry Sanders Show,'' which is the best sitcom on television. HBO also added the grittiest drama on television in ``Oz,'' which brings you inside a stark jail.

Upcoming events include ``Breast Men'' (December), an ironic look at the 30-year history of silicone implants; and a 12-part miniseries about America's Space program, ``From Earth to the Moon'' (April), which is executive produced by Tom Hanks.

HBO also shows live concerts, with Whitney Houston next on the schedule; top-shelf comedians; family programs such as ``Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child,'' which takes old standards and makes them multicultural; and documentaries.

Late night is patrolled by some great comics such as Dennis Miller, double Emmy winner Chris Rock and Bob Odenkirk and David Cross of ``Mr. Show.''

As for sports, there will be championship boxing matches, NFL recap show ``Inside the NFL,'' ``Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel'' and ``Only in America: The Don King Story'' (Nov. 15).

The History Channel

What you'll find there: The past coming alive, and programming much more interesting than you'd expect.

Things history buffs will look forward to: A new daily series called ``In Search of History,'' which will unearth hidden stories of times gone by that are promised to be filled with intrigue, drama, adventure, controversy and mystery. There also will be a weekly series on trains, ``Trains Unlimited.''

Oct. 12-16, there will be a five-part series on Empires of Industry, including ``Carnegie and the Age of Steel,'' ``Legacy of King Coal,'' ``Victory at Sea: Mass Shipbuilding,'' ``Brewed in America'' and ``Textiles: Birth of an Industry.''

And, looking into the future, an eight-hour miniseres based on David Halberstam's best seller ``The Fifties'' is the big event of the channel's season.

Home & Garden Television

What you'll find there: Anything from how to build a deck to how to plant a daisy.

Things do-it-yourselfers will look forward to: HGTV will debut eight series in October. They are ``Before & After,'' which looks at major home projects such as adding a second level to a ranch home; ``Extreme Homes,'' which will look at one-of-a-kind homes such as a converted gas station, bowling alley and railroad caboose; ``Grow It! A Gardener's Guide,'' which is just what it sounds like; ``Surprise Gardener,'' which will detail yard makeovers; ``Decorating Cents,'' which will tell you how to make your home look nifty on a limited budget; ``21st-Century Home,'' which is about high-tech homes; and ``Great Gardeners,'' which is pretty self-explanatory.


What you'll find there: Television for women.

Things women will look forward to: Original movies including ``The Hired Heart'' with Penelope Ann Miller (Oct. 13) and ``Convictions'' with Blair Brown (Nov. 10).

A biography series called ``Intimate Portraits.'' September will be filled with television women (Valerie Bertinelli, Cybill Sheperd, Jane Seymour, Brett Butler, Heather Locklear and Patricia Richardson). In October, Jill Eikenberry, Dr. Susan Love and Mary Tyler Moore will be visited.

Specials will include ``Weddings of a Lifetime'' (Sept. 21), ``Say It, Fight It, Cure It'' (Oct. 5), and ``Voices of Hope,'' which will tell true stories of breast cancer.


What you'll find there: Music videos by day and early evening, and series MTV-style in the evening.

Things Gen-X-ers will look forward to: MTV re-emphasized cutting-edge videos during the past year, and also has pumped more money into original programming. Joining such quinessential series as ``The Real World,'' now in Boston; ``Beavis and Butt-head,'' in its final season; and ``MTV News'' are ``Austin Stories,'' the channels first scripted comedy show; ``Oddville,'' which features contortionists; ``Loveline'' and the like; and several specials.

Mike Myers will reprise his ``Austin Powers'' character in a series of programs. The third show about independent films, ``Alt.FilmMTV3,'' will be seen tonight. The Rolling Stones will kick off a series of live concerts, ``Live From the 10 Spot,'' on Oct. 14.

In sports programming, not only will the seventh annual ``Rock-n-Jock B-Ball Jam,'' be shown on Oct. 25, there also will be a ``Sports and Music Festival'' Nov. 7 and 8.

The news department will chip in with a special on unplanned teen pregnancies (Sept. 21), a three-part series called ``Fight for the Right'' (Oct. 12, 19 and 26); and one called ``Do Something,'' on Nov. 16.

Nick at Nite's TV Land

What you'll find there: Television from the good old days: from camp to classics.

Things that people who don't think they make television like they used to will look forward to: Here is a list of the newly acquired old series: ``The Flip Wilson Show,'' ``Bosom Buddies,'' ``Room 222,'' ``The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,'' ``The Lone Ranger,'' ``My Friend Flicka'' and ``The Wonder Years.'' They are added to a strong lineup that includes ``The White Shadow,'' ``Hill Street Blues,'' ``Brooklyn Bridge,'' ``Cannon,'' ``The Ed Sullivan Show,'' ``Gunsmoke,'' ``Mister Ed,'' ``The Phil Silvers Show'' and ``That Girl.''


What you'll find there: A place where children are celebrated, not talked down to.

Things that kids and the young at heart will look forward to: New shows include ``The Journey of Allen Strange,'' which is the story of an alien (played by Arjay Smith) who has been separated from his unit when they were refeuling on Earth. The alien becomes known as Allen and is befriended by two kids. It will debut in November.

Another fall addition will be an animated show about a two-headed character, ``CatDog.''

On Oct. 19, Nick will show its fourth annual ``Big Help-a-Thon,'' where kids pledge volunteer hours and learn the value of contributing to their community.

Some established shows, on the Nick Jr. portion of programming are ``Allegra's Window,'' ``Gullah Gullah Island'' and ``Jim Henson's Muppet Babies.'' Nicktoons are made up of shows that include ``Aaah Real Monsters,'' ``The Ren & Stimpy Show,'' ``Doug,'' ``Hey Arnold!'' ``The Ren & Stimpy Show'' and ratings king ``Rugrats.''

Comedy, variety and entertainment shows include ``Are You Afraid of the Dark?'' ``Keenan & Kel,'' ``All That,'' ``The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo'' and ``The Secret World of Alex Mack.'' Most new seasons will premiere the week of Sept. 22-28 with 3-D episodes of the 8 p.m. shows.

Sci-Fi Channel

What you'll find there: Science-fiction in many (life) forms.

Things ``X-Files'' fans will look forward to: Original movies including ``Last Lives,'' starring Billy Wirthm, Jennifer Rubin, C. Thomas Howell and Judge Reinhold (Oct. 18).

It also has a documentary biography series, ``Masters of Fantasy.'' Roger Corman will be profiled on Oct. 9 and the theme for next month will be ``Bloodlust: Vampires of October,'' where you can watch several movies and decide whether you thought Bela Lugosi or Lon Chaney Jr. was a better Count Dracula.

On Halloween there will be a monster movie marathon.

For those who like good humor, there is ``Mystery Science Theater 3000,'' which makes fun of bad movies. The channel will have a marathon of the show on Thanksgiving. ``The Empire Strikes Back'' and ``Return of the Jedi'' will be run on Nov. 27, and there will be a ``Star Trek'' movie special the following day.


What you'll find there: Original and second-run movies and original series.

Things people who buy premium cable channels will look forward to: ``Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast,'' starring David Caruso (Sept. 28); ``Rescuers: Stories of Courage,'' a three-film series executive produced by Barbra Streisand and Cis Corman, about Christians who helped Jews during World War II; ``The Defenders: Payback,'' based on the 1960s television courtroom drama (Oct. 12); and Paul Sorvino will play Yankee skipper Joe Torre, whose brother underwent a heart transplant when the Yankees were on their series run.


What you'll find there: A superstation.

Things super people will look forward to: The Destination Sunday series is still around and will offer up ``Little Warriors'' (Oct. 12) with Lauren Hutton and two children she takes to the far reaches of the world. On Oct. 19 it will be ``Twin Stories,'' about siblings who share a birthday.

TBS is also home of the Atlanta Braves, currently on a playoff run, and NBA games on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Nashville Network

What you'll find there: The country way of life.

Things people who wished they lived in Bakersfield will look forward to: ``The Grand Ole Opry Live''; ``Opry Backstage''; ``The Statler Bros. Show''; ``Monday Night Concerts With Ricky Skaggs''; many videos; ``Arlene's Crafts''; sports shows, including lots of fishing, rodeo and auto racing; specials such as ``The Marty Party,'' in which Marty Stuart puts on some shows; ``Conversations With Burt (Reynolds)''; and ``Soul Mates,'' where we meet country artists' better halves, plus reruns of ``Dallas,'' ``The Dukes of Hazzard'' and ``Hee Haw.'' Of course, ``Hee Haw.''

Turner Classic Movies

What you'll find there: Classic movies from the vaults of Turner.

Things fans of oldies but goodies will look forward to: A three-day festival of ``The Inside Track,'' which offers great films with commentary available on some laser discs in which historians, stars and other film participants share commentary and new information on the movie. Some films discussed during the run (Oct. 3-5) are ``Some Like It Hot,'' ``Bad Day at Black Rock,'' ``Singin' in the Rain'' and ``Jules and Jim.'' The gimmick is slated to becomed a monthly series next year.

TCM also will celebrate the 70th anniversary of ``The Jazz Singer,'' the first-ever talking film starring Al Jolson.

From Nov. 7-9, TCM will pay tribute to director Nicholas Ray, whose films include ``In a Lovely Place'' and ``Rebel Without a Cause.''

Turner Network Television

What you'll find there: A lot of other viewers as the station boasts being the No. 1-rated cable station.

Things all of you will look forward to: Big-budget feature type films such as Goldie Hawn's directorial debut, ``Hope,'' which is about teen-age girls whose safe and tiny world is turned into a dark and frightening place because of racism and hypocrisy (Oct. 19), and ``Buffalo Soldiers,'' the story of the African-American U.S. Cavalry Corps (Dec. 7).

Any Sci-fi fans looking to watch the fifth year of the five-year arc of ``Babylon 5'' will have to watch it on TNT.

USA Network

What you'll find there: A cable station that most mirrors a broadcast network.

Things people who don't think six networks are enough will look forward to: Original movies such as ``Ruby Jean & Joe,'' with Tom Selleck and JoBeth Williams (Oct. 8); ``Divided by Hate,'' starring and directed by Tom Skerritt (Oct. 22); and ``Trucks,'' based on a Stephen King script starring Timothy Busfield and Brenda Bakke (Oct. 29).

USA also has a new teen strip comedy, ``USA High,'' and has picked up ``Saved by the Bell: The New Class,'' ``Baywatch'' and ``Walker, Texas Ranger'' reruns. Its returning prime-time series are boxing, ``La Femme Nikita,'' ``Pacific Blue'' and ``Silk Stalkings,'' now in its seventh season.


What you'll find there: MTV's older brother, with many videos and alternative programming.

Things baby boomers will look forward to: Well, we are in the middle of Elton John Week - try and top that. On Friday, you will be able to have an Elton John concert in your living room in a special edition of ``Storytellers.'' Tonight there will be a documentary about the British pop sensation in VH1's ``Legends Series.''

Other special programs will include the ``Fashion Awards'' on Oct. 28.

VH1 has the best twist on videos, ``Pop-Up Videos,'' offering amusing and enriching kernels of information during the video.


4 Photos

Photo: (1) Vincent Giardina, 5, points at his sister Susanna, 6, on the TV screen in the Giardina home as she appears with President Eisenhower to open the 1953 American Red Cross campaign. The March 1, 1953, scene is part of ``The Fifties,'' an eight-hour documentary for the History Channel.

(2) Nicholas Rhodes, Lauren Hutton and Teo Babini in the African wilderness for ``Little Warriors'' on TBS.

(3) Darius McCrary, left, Ving Rhames and Jarrod Bunch re-create a ``Rumble in the Jungle'' press conference in ``Only in America: The Don King Story,'' for HBO.

(4) Kenny, left, Stan, Kyle and Cartman of Comedy Central's ``South Park'' go where cartoon characters have never gone before.
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