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 WASHINGTON, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the annual general meeting of Arianespace shareholders, company Chairman Charles Bigot reviewed Arianespace's current activities and offered a look at future directions:
 Strong Position in 1992-1993
 With an average of seven launches per year over the past five years, Arianespace has clearly demonstrated its expertise in the commercial space transport business.
 The company's revenues for its seven launches in 1992 totaled 4.85 billion francs, resulting in a net profit of FF 145.5 million.
 The total dividend payout was 16.2 million, equivalent to 6 percent of the company's capital.
 Provisions set aside for technical and commercial risks inherent to the space transport business were FF 1.6 billion at Dec. 31, 1992.
 Since its creation in March 1980, Arianespace has always enjoyed a healthy financial base and has paid dividends to its shareholders for the past eight years.
 This success has been achieved thanks to regular and consistent operations, coupled with commercial success that continues to consolidate Arianespace's position as the world leader in its business.
 The ARIANE 4 launcher has proven its high reliability and will continue to be the company's workhorse until the end of the century. Ongoing launcher improvements have enabled Arianespace to adapt to the trend toward heavier satellites. At the same time, modifications have improved launch service productivity to allow Arianespace to meet the challenge of growing competition.
 Arianespace has booked 19 new orders in the last 18 months, underlining the confidence of its customers and consolidating its leadership in a fiercely competitive market. These new contracts, including a significant number for customers in the Asia-Pacific region, bring the Arianespace order book to 40 satellites to be launched, worth a total of FF 18 billion. This represents four full years of workload and fully accounts for the fourth series of 10 ARIANE 4 launchers out of the 50-launcher batch order signed with European manufacturers in 1989.
 Ariane 5: A New Tool...
 Industrialization of the ARIANE 5 launch vehicle has entered the active phase, and this new launcher will enter revenue service in late 1996. Arianespace will sign a contract during the Paris Air Show with Societe Europeenne de Propulsion (SEP) for the first production Vulcain engines.
 A three-year transitional period will enable progressive implementation of the new launcher and smooth transfer to the extensive experience gained with ARIANE 4 to the ARIANE 5 program.
 Thanks to its new design, the ARIANE 5 launcher will further boost reliability: the target is 98 percent. ARIANE 5 is also designed to simplify and speed up operations at the launch site in French Guiana.
 An expanded performance envelope (GTO capacity 6.8 metric tons -- 14,960lb) will pursue and strengthen the dual satellite launch strategy that has driven the success of the European launcher.
 These improvements will increase the productivity of Arianespace's launch services.
 ...To Meet New Competition
 Since Russia's initial entry in the commercial launch market, Arianespace has taken a clear and consistent stance on the issue of global competition. In order to avoid upsetting a stable but narrow market, and rather than fall back on excessive protectionism, the company feels that structured competition between the different space transport operators remains in the best interests of the players concerned.
 Government-level discussions currently in progress between the United States and Russia and between Europe and Russia should lead to agreements which confirm this approach.
 Europe must remain vigilant, in particular defending the interests of the European launch vehicle, whose market share would be the first threatened by instability.
 In the face of the considerable stakes -- and uncertainty -- which characterize the future of the space transport business, Europe's industry enjoys a number of solid and durable advantages: a unified commitment, proven expertise and an excellent family of launch vehicles.
 Arianespace, an industrial and commercial company, is a world leader in the provision of commercial space transportation services. Arianespace also markets and sells Ariane launch services and provides launch operations from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. Arianespace Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Arianespace, is responsible for marketing launch services in the United States; a liaison office in Tokyo assures an Arianespace presence in Japan and in the Pacific region.
 Flight Date Launcher Satellites
 Flight 57 June 93 42P GALAXY IV
 Flight 58 July 93 44L HISPASAT 1B & INSAT IIB
 Flight 59 Sept. 93 40 SPOT 3 plus Stella plus ASAP No.4(A)
 Flight 60 Oct. 93 44LP/44P INTELSAT VII F1 or TELSTAR 4
 Flight 61 Nov. 93 44LP SOLIDARIDAD 1 & MOP 3
 Flight 62 Dec. 93 44L DirecTv 1 & THAICOM 1
 Flight 63 Jan. 94 44LP EUTELSAT II F5 & TURKSAT 1
 Flight 64 Feb. 94 44LP INTELSAT VII F2 or F1
 Flight 65 March 94 44L SOLIDARIDAD II & BS-3N
 Flight 66 April 94 44P/44L TELSTAR 4 or (DirecTv 2 & THAICOM 2)
 Flight 67 May 94 42P PANAMSAT 2
 Flight 68 June 94 44LP BRASILSAT B1 & TURKSAT 2
 Flight 69 July 94 44L/44LP (DirecTv 2 & THAICOM 2) or
 Flight 70 Aug./Sept.94 42P ASTRA 1D
 Flight 71 Oct. 94 44L BRASILSAT B2 & (EUTELSAT II F6 or
 Flight 72 Nov./Dec. 94 42P PANAMSAT 3 or M-SAT
 (A) ASAP No. 4 equals the 4th ARIANE structure for auxiliary payloads carrying: Healthsat, Kitsat-B, Posat-1, Eyesat-1 & Itamsat.
 ERS 2 has a contractual priority for a slot from October 1994 onwards.
 -0- 6/11/93
 /NOTE: The Arianespace manifest is published for information purposes, and only the dates announced formally by the company are to be taken into consideration./
 /CONTACT: Michelle Lyle of Arianespace Inc., 202-628-3936; Claude Sanchez of Arianespace S.A., 33/1-6087-60-13/14; or Dieter Brand of Arianespace Tokyo, 813-3592-2766/

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