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 NOVATO, Calif., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Software Toolworks Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: TWRX), the world's leading supplier of CD-ROM software, today announced shipment of "The Software Toolworks(R) 20th Century Video Almanac -- The Best of Our Century" on CD-ROM for IBM(R) and compatibles. The title is the first in a series of five discs. "The Best of Our Century" offers an overview of some of the most exciting film and video footage of the 20th century. In August 1993, the full five-disc product is planned to ship and will contain "The Best of Our Century" and four "Our Century In Depth" discs. Each disc features a different subject: "Sports," "People," "Science & Technology" and "Politics, War & Disasters."
 Access to History
 "20th Century Video Almanac" series is a look at the last hundred years of history brought to life through vintage film and photographs. Footage of significant events and people are integrated with sound, narration and text for a thrilling look at the past. "20th Century Video Almanac" series offers an encyclopedic look at the most important and intriguing events of this century: land on the moon, attend Woodstock, join the crowd for the 1916 World Series, and stand back as Pershing's troops chase Pancho Villa across the desert. "20th Century Video Almanac" series is a multimedia reference work containing over five hours of motion video, more than 2,000 photographs and thousands of pages of text.
 Bob Lloyd, president and chief executive officer of The Software Toolworks Inc., commented, "To create great multimedia products, you need more than access to quality content. The critical element now is having the skills to produce a product that maximizes the content. As a creator you need a clear vision of how to present massive amounts of data. The product must intuitively provide useful cuts of information in an engaging environment. The success of 'The Software Toolworks 20th Century Video Almanac' is an outgrowth of the company's multimedia expertise and experienced internal teams of programmers, creative artists and directors."
 "20th Century Video Almanac" series allows the user to experience the 20th century in a whole new way. Browse through history on the Timeline, explore significant events by selecting a date or decade, or investigate by subject matter. Film and video content for "The Software Toolworks 20th Century Almanac" series comes from CEL Communications Inc.'s extensive archives.
 The Software Toolworks Inc. will develop and distribute the "20th Century Video Almanac" series for the retail and OEM markets. CEL Communications Inc.'s Educational Resources Division will distribute the series in the K-12, higher educational and library markets.
 "The Best of Our Century" disc has a suggested retail price of $99.95, and can be purchased at major retail stores across the country. The entire five-disc series including "The Best of Our Century" and the four "Century In Depth" discs will be available as a set in August 1993 for a suggested retail price of $199.95. The "Best of Our Century" will also be available for The 3DO(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM)" in December 1993.
 System Requirements
 386 SX-16 (486DX-33 or faster recommended) IBM(R) or compatible, 1 MB RAM (580 KB largest executable program size as reported by MEM), SVGA video adapter (640 X 480, 256-color resolution, 512 KB video memory), compatible with VESA(R) Super VGA Standard BIOS Extension (VBE) version 1.2, Color Monitor, Creative Labs Sound Blaster(R) or Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum(TM) (or 100-percent-compatible) sound card, MS-DOS(R) 5.0 or higher, Microsoft(R) CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) Version 2.2 or higher, MPC-compatible CD-ROM drive (150 KB/sec transfer rate with less than 40 percent CPU loading), Hard disk drive with 2 MB free space required, Microsoft or 100-percent-compatible mouse recommended.
 NOTE: The Software Toolworks Inc. develops, publishes and distributes entertainment, edutainment and educational products for IBM and compatibles, Macintosh(R), CD-ROM DOS, CD-ROM Macintosh, MPC (CD-ROM Windows), 3DO(TM), Sega(TM) CD, Nintendo Entertainment System(R), Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R), Game Boy(R) and Sega(TM) Genesis(TM).
 The Software Toolworks is headquartered in Novato, with offices in Chatsworth, Calif.; Naperville, Ill.; London; Dusseldorf, Germany; Paris; and Castle Hill, Australia. The company is listed on NASDAQ under TWRX.
 All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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 /CONTACT: Tracy Egan, public relations manager of The Software Toolworks, 415-883-3000, ext. 828/

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