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 WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Software Publishing Corp. (NASDAQ: SPCO) today announced a new Government Edition of Harvard Graphics 2.0 for Windows, the industry's leading presentation graphics software package, at the Fed Micro '93 trade show. Harvard Graphics 2.0, which was introduced on August 9, 1993, offers new capabilities and enhancements designed to boost users' productivity, and deliver greater ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire presentation process. The Government Edition includes more than 80 federal seals and logos, enabling users in government agencies to further enhance and customize their presentations.
 "I've used every major graphics package available, and Harvard Graphics 2.0 is the best integrated presentation graphics product I've seen," said Sam White, president of the Edwards Air Force Base Computer Users Group. "The ease in which transitions, sound files and other special effects are incorporated are major improvements. My favorite is the right mouse button functionality, allowing me to make quick changes to chart attributes. Harvard Graphics 2.0 speeds up the process of creating presentations by leaps and bounds."
 Updated Military Symbols Add Impact to Presentations
 In addition to the Government Edition, Software Publishing also announced an updated version of the highly popular Military Symbols clip art package. This clip art package includes 500 color and black & white images in the Harvard Graphics symbol file format for use in a variety of federal, state and local agencies. Military Symbols include a wide assortment of images classified by categories, such as Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines; aircrafts, fighting vehicles, ships, submarines, bombers and reconnaissance; executive, legislative & judicial branches; and general government-oriented images. The new version of Military Symbols will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.
 Government Users Want the Best Results, Quickly and Easily
 Harvard Graphics 2.0 is the first Windows presentation graphics product that provides users with content assistance and professional design advice. A new feature called The Advisor offers on-screen Design Tips that help users improve the overall visual effectiveness of their presentations. These Design Tips help users select the best chart type for their presentation and offer specific advice on creating more effective visuals, such as "for a bullet chart use four to six bullet points with no more than six to eight words per line." If users have specific design-oriented questions or need advice on delivering their presentation, they can also call the Harvard Graphics Advisor service, which is staffed by professionally-trained presentation experts.
 In addition to helping users create more effective visuals, Harvard Graphics 2.0 also delivers significant usability enhancements. For greater ease of use and learning, the product includes the 5-Minute Coach interactive on-line tutorial; Advisor Quick Tips that provide users with short-cuts for editing text and graphs, such as "double click to edit text and click the right mouse button to change font, size or color"; step-by-step guidance on how to create charts; and a customizable icon bar where users pass the mouse cursor over an icon and the description of the function appears in the status bar at the top of the screen.
 Harvard Graphics 2.0 also provides users with new features that speed up the process of creating presentations. The most significant enhancement is the addition of Quick Looks throughout the product. Quick Looks are interactive chart miniatures that provide instant visual feedback, helping users complete tasks in as few steps as possible and eliminating time-consuming trial and error. For example, Quick Looks allow users to experiment with different options, such as chart orientation, style, or 3D effects, without having to remember confusing terminology.
 Changing the Way People Communicate
 In an effort to broaden the use of presentation graphics software, Software Publishing has added capabilities that let people throughout an organization view information graphically, increasing the overall effectiveness of their communications. An innovative workgroup-oriented capability called Conferencing enables users to display their presentations from one or more remote locations, on up to 64 other computers simultaneously during a telephone conference call. Viewers join the conference on the network, and the assigned conference leader runs the presentation on-screen. Control of the presentation may be passed to different viewers at any time, and an on-screen Chalk tool lets the presenter emphasize key points during a ScreenShow. Conferencing offers a unique benefit to government agencies, by providing an efficient alternative for reviewing briefing documents without incurring additional overhead or travel costs.
 Software Publishing has also developed a new, platform transparent Runtime Player that lets users display their Harvard Graphics presentations on DOS or Windows systems, without having the program loaded. By distributing presentations on the Runtime Player, people are able to deliver information to a wider audience, and viewers are provided with the highest quality display on any type of machine. Macintosh support for the Runtime Player will be added by the end of the year.
 System Requirements
 Harvard Graphics 2.0 for Windows requires a 386 or 486 IBM-PC or compatible; a hard disk; a mouse; 4 MB of RAM; minimum 8 MB hard disk space; EGA, VGA, or Super VGA display; external sound device support for multimedia playback capabilities; and Windows 3.1.
 Government Pricing & Availability
 The Government Edition of Harvard Graphics 2.0 for Windows will ship at the end of August and will be available nationwide on Sept. 13, 1993, for a suggested retail price of $395. Users can purchase Harvard Graphics 2.0 for Windows through any of the government resellers, including GTSI, Egghead Software, 800 Software, and Softmart. The product is also part of the EDS Power Pack, a five-product suite offered to the Army, Defense Logistics Agency, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy and Reserves under the Small Multiuser Computer (SMC) contract.
 Users of previous versions of Harvard Graphics for Windows or DOS, and users of competitive presentation graphics products can upgrade to Version 2.0 for $89 until Dec. 31, 1993 (after Jan. 1, 1994 the upgrade price will be $125). Users who purchase Harvard Graphics 1.03 for Windows between July 1-Sept. 30, 1993 will be eligible for an upgrade to Version 2.0 for a $20 shipping & handling fee. For more information users can contact the company's Customer Service Department at 800-234-2500.
 The Company
 Software Publishing Corp. is an international supplier of business productivity software for the IBM Personal Computer and compatibles. The company develops and markets graphical software solutions for accessing, analyzing and presenting information, including the market- leading Harvard Graphics and Superbase product lines.
 NOTE: Harvard Graphics and Superbase are registered trademarks of Software Publishing Corp. Software Publishing Corp. acknowledges all trademarks and the rights of the trademarks owned by the companies referred to herein.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: The Government Edition of Harvard Graphics 2.0 for Windows will be demonstrated at Fed Micro '93 from Aug. 31-Sept. 2 in the following reseller booths: Egghead Software, booth no. 1234; 800 Software, booth no. 1378; GTSI, booth no. 1412; and Softmart, booth no. 2064./
 /CONTACT: Victoria Paige, 408-450-7316, or Dorothy Meunier, 408-450-7637, both of Software Publishing/

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